Despicable Me Birthday Party Ideas

Box of Shame – Create your own box of shame for photo ops! It can easily be made out of a cardboard box, just cut a lookout section and label it.


Minion Invites – Create your own invite out of cardstock or purchase them online.


Minion Balloons – Turn yellow balloons into minions! Draw on the eyes, glasses, mouth and don’t forget the spiky hair.


Minion Cups – Purchase plain yellow cups, colored paper, tape, black marker and large googly eyes.  Cut the paper into strips and tape them to the cup to make the blue jeans and strip for glasses. Draw the mouth and spiky hair and attach the googly eye.


Minion Plates – Create minion plates to match your minion cups! Purchase yellow plates and draw the face on with an edible marker.


Pin the Goggles on the Minion – Create your own minion and attach to a door or wall. Watch as the kids try to pin the goggles in the correct place while blindfolded.


Marshmallow Minions – Grab a bag of marshmallows and cover with melted chocolate or yellow frosting. You can use white and black frosting to draw on the face. For the jeans, use a blue fruit roll up or blue frosting.


Evil Minion Gift Bags – Create Evil Minion Bags with purple gift bags, colored paper and markers. Stuff the bag with all kinds of goodies the guests will love.


Minion Cupcakes – Frost the cupcakes with blue frosting. Cut a Twinkie in half and draw the face on with black frosting or an edible black marker. You can use small candies or frosting for the eyes and sprinkles for the hair. Place the Twinkie in the frosting and you have your minion cupcake!


Make Your Own Minion – Leave out different kinds of craft supplies such as colored paper, markers, googly eyes, etc. Let the guests create their very own minion.


Musical Games: Download the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams from Despicable Me 2 and play one or all of these games.


- Line up chairs next to each other for a game of Musical Chairs. There should be one less chair than party goers.  Have the kids walk around the chairs in a circle as “Happy” plays. Stop the music and all players must sit down to the chair nearest them. The player left without a chair is out, then you take away another chair and start the music again. Repeat the steps. The last person sitting wins.


- Kids love Freeze Dance. Play the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and instruct the kids to dance. When the music stops, they have to freeze. Whoever continues to dance after the music stops is out. Play until there’s only one person left dancing.


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18 Mar 2014

By Boston Parents Paper