Circus Birthday Party Games, Decorations & Ideas

The circus is in town! At least that is what everyone will think when they see your kid's amazing circus party. Transform your home into the big top complete with games, circus treats, face painting and of course, clowns!



Let’s start with decorations for your circus themed party. Choose bright colors with a lot of red. You can create a budget friendly tent in your doorways out of PVC pipes, PVC pipe cutter, zip ties, PVC glue and a red and white striped table cloth. Just structure the tent with the pipes, glue them together, drape the table cloth over the frame and zip tie it together. For a tutorial visit our Circus Party Pinterest board here


You can also use the table cloth to cover your walls to fit the theme. Hanging colorful crepe paper from the center of the ceiling to the walls to create a tent vibe is an easy way to decorate any room.


Make your house really stand out with marquee lights. You can find a simple and cheap tutorial using cardboard letters, stringed lights, paint and an exact-o knife here

Little touches all around can enhance your theme. Instead of vases, use magician hats for flowers, colorful mirrors for a “hall of mirrors” and plenty of balloons!


You could even dress up. Costume stores always have clown suits and wigs. For the trapeze artist use a gymnastics leotard, and a top hat and suit will make a great magician or ring leader outfit.



To keep everyone busy, there are plenty of ideas for crafts and games. Carnival games and prizes are easy to re-create. Stack empty soup cans into a pyramid and have party guests toss bean bags at them. Troll dolls can be glued to blocks and placed in a wooden frame while you try to throw balls at them to knock them over for prizes. 


A face painting station is always a big hit with little kids. All you need is paint and faces!


A homemade photo booth is such a fun idea for all ages. Make a backdrop out of a bright table cloth and just add fun props to wear. That way, everyone can remember the party forever.


Tickets are a fun way to have kids wait their turn and line up, plus they fit the circus theme.



Don’t just make a table with food. Make a concession stand filled with goodies you would find at the circus. Hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, cracker jacks and peanuts are among the popular treats. Use popcorn bags, baskets for hot dogs and French fry containers for peanuts.


Ice cream cone clowns. Place the ice cream in a cup with the cone on top. Then have party guests decorate the clown’s face with yummy toppings. Cupcakes can be made into clowns or your favorite circus animal. You just need the right color frosting and icing.


For even more ideas, visit our Circus Party Pinterst Board here.


Jennifer Hanrahan is an intern with Boston Parents Paper.

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09 Jun 2014

By Jennifer Hanrahan