Cinderella Birthday Party Ideas and Games

Move over Anna and Elsa, one of Disney’s classic princesses is regaining the spotlight and having a moment in 2015. That’s right, Cinderella is back in a major way with the release of a live-action take on the timeless fairytale, making the story and its cast of characters an “it” party theme. If the tiny royal in your family wants to get in on the action for her upcoming birthday, we’ve got some adorable Cinderella birthday party ideas and games to make the soiree Cinder-tastic.


Cinderella Birthday Party Invitations

Make a fun first impression with Cinderella-themed invites that will get your little guests pumped for the big party. Cards shaped like pumpkins or a glass slipper will certainly fit the bill, but you could also create a mock scroll that announces the date and time of the “ball” to be held in your princess’ honor. Use a calligraphy font to make it look authentic, then roll up the scrolls and tie them with some Cinderella-blue ribbon to be added to classmates’ cubbies or backpacks at school.


Cinderella Birthday Party Decor

Tablecloths in light blue (think the shade of good ol’ Cindy’s infamous ball gown) with pumpkin centerpieces will jazz up your Cinderella birthday party space with little effort. Instead of traditional party hats, why not craft Cinderella birthday party flower crowns for all of the little fairy godmothers running amuck. A mock photo booth setup could be arranged simply by using rows of blue, white and silver streamers for the backdrop, and props could include tiaras and magic wands.


Cinderella Birthday Party Games and Activities

There is so much fun to be had at a Cinderella-themed birthday party. An obvious choice is to hire a princess impersonator to dress as the leading lady and entertain the little ones with games and stories. If that’s a bit too much for your budget, rally your little guests to create their very own fairy wands, a simple craft that’s also easy on your wallet. All you really need are paints, brushes, wooden dowels measuring about 12” – 18”, silk ribbon in a variety of colors, craft glue, glitter and cut-out stars (visit our Pinterest board for this magic want craft here.)


Incorporate some Pin the Tail on the Donkey action, but do it Cinderella style. Place a poster of the princess on a wall, then have kids try to pin a glass slipper cutout to her foot.


Set up a mini-manicure station where little princesses can get their nails painted by a grownup kind enough to volunteer for this activity. If you’re hosting a teenage Cinderella princess birthday party, bonus points if you use the Cinderella Spring 2015 Gelish Mini Collection of polishes, available at Sally Beauty Stores nationwide, or on


Screen the classic Disney animated version of Cinderella either outdoors by renting a movie screen and projector and throwing picnic blankets and pillows on the ground for comfy viewing, or indoors by arranging a glam movie theater environment for the gang (complete with Sparkling Princess Popcorn, of course, which you’ll find on our Pinterest Page).


Cinderella Birthday Party Food

In a perfect world we’d be able to live on Sparkling Princess Pink Popcorn alone, but in reality we know that is just not the case. So what should your princesses dine on at a Cinderella birthday party? Oh, we have a few ideas…


Those tiny mice were so helpful getting Cinderella ready for the ball, it’s only fitting to have some cheese for both them and your guests to nibble on.


Tea sandwiches (focus on those that are kid-friendly, like cheese, peanut butter and jelly or turkey) are easy for small hands and will add an elegant feel to Cinderella’s ball.

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Edible “fairy wands” made by using kabob sticks to skewer fruit with a star-shaped cut-out of watermelon or pineapple at the end will feel like a magical, not to mention healthy, treat.


Sugar cookies cut out in the shape of glass slippers are both delicious for snacking but could also make yummy party favors as well.


Cinderella Birthday Party Favors

Send each little princess home feeling truly royal with a sparkly tiara and Cinderella-blue tutu. Or, if you’re a sweets lover, fill plastic “glass slippers” with blue M&Ms to send each guest on her way.


Kelly Bryant is associate editor of Boston Parents Paper.  

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16 Mar 2015

By Kelly Bryant