Children’s Arts and Crafts Supply List

For those rainy, snowy or just need something to do days, here are some arts and crafts supplies to have on hand.

Save food jars for cool crafts. Peel the label off of the jar and you now have a multi-tasking tool. Use them for homemade piggy banks, homemade candles or snow globes! Snow globes are easy to make and a great holiday gift for loved ones.

Whether it’s water colors, acrylic or finger paints, it’s good to keep paint and paint brushes in your craft area.

This is an item you probably already have on hand. With a parent’s help, scissors can transform paper into fun decorations. You can create an in home blizzard by cutting up paper into snowflakes, a creepy Halloween with cut-up spider webs and don’t forget to cut out hearts for Valentine’s Day!

Sidewalk Chalk:
If the weather is nice, go outside and draw on pavement. Draw hopscotch boards, trace people, or play sidewalk tic-tac-toe. No worries about cleaning up the mess either! Read our article “Sidewalk Chalk Ideas and Games” here. 

Popsicle Sticks:
Popsicle sticks make great tools for building. Kids can build items like birdhouses or picture frames. You may need hot glue to keep them together so make sure you’re around to help. Once they’re built have them decorate their new design.

Clay/Play Dough:
With clay, kids can spend hours molding, building and shaping. Have your child create their favorite animal or cartoon character and let it dry so you can display it.

Magazines, Newspapers and Pictures:
Create a collage! Let your children pick out pictures and words they like from magazines and then have them cut the pictures or words out. Go through your own pictures and piece everything together to create a one of a kind room decoration. This is great for expressing creativity.

Coffee Filters:
This is another item you may already have on hand and if you have paint you can make beautiful creations. Paint the filters with watercolors and create flowers, butterflies and leaves. They will be super pretty!

Food Coloring:
Food coloring can be used for lots of arts and crafts projects. It can be used to color homemade play dough or as paint for coffee filter projects.

Cookie Cutters:
Get creative in the kitchen. You can take your arts and crafts project and turn it into a yummy treat. Make fun cookies to decorate or even use the cookie cutters for pancake shapes!

Cotton Balls:
Use cotton balls as a paint brush substitute. This is a perfect option for younger kids who just want to dip and dot. They also work great for creating pictures with texture.

Pipe Cleaners:
Include a package of pipe cleaners in your craft supply drawer. With different colors you can bend and twist your own pipe cleaner animals, flowers, glasses, crowns, bracelets, trees and even have your child spell out her name! Add items like beads and pompoms for more options.

With beads and string, children can design their very own necklaces and bracelets. Don’t forget to add different shapes, textures and colors to the mix. Maybe you’ll even want to join in and create yourself a one of a kind piece.    

Jennifer Hanrahan is an intern with Boston Parents Paper.


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18 Sep 2014

By Jennifer Hanrahan