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Articles in Child Care

Diapers – What's Best for Baby and Mother Earth? Cloth, Disposable, Hybrid or None of the Above?


When it comes to "green" living, nothing poses a bigger dilemma for environmentally-conscious parents than what type of diaper to use on your baby. Here's a dispassionate look at the diaper, in all its forms, and which type is better for the Earth.... Read full article

What We All Need to Know about EpiPens


About 100 people, including children, die of allergic reactions in the U.S. each year, and epinephrine is amazingly effective in preventing this. The EpiPen is easy to use – learn how so that you too can prevent food allergy deaths.... Read full article

Life, Death & Dogs


This month's My Turn columnist shares how the loss of a family pet helped her approach the subject of life and death with her daughter. ... Read full article

Seven Marriage Traps and How to Avoid Them


Marriage experts identify the bad habits of married couples -- and offer suggestions on how to break free. ... Read full article

How to Handle Unsolicited Advice


It can come from family members, friends or complete strangers, and it can occur no matter what the age of your children. Here's how to handle unsolicited advice about your parenting.... Read full article

How to Chaperone a Teenage Party


As the parent of a teen who wants to host a house party, you're ultimately in control. But your bigger job here is to teach your child all the life skills that come with entertaining. ... Read full article

How Artistic Parents Can Stay Creative


While parenting comes with routine and occasional monotony, artistic parents discover ways to nurture their creative side.... Read full article

Portable Pools Are Smaller, Drowning Risk Isn’t

by Christina Elston on

In spite of their ease and convenience, portable pools still pose the same drowning risks of any body of water. Here are some important and unique safety precautions to keep in mind as your kids use these pools this summer.... Read full article



Maternity & baby, children's clothes & shoes, sporting goods, bargains, books and toys... Read full article

Local Doctor Helps Parents Understand Their Babies


Kevin Nugent, Ph.D, director of the Brazelton Institute at Children's Hospital, Boston, has become an expert in interpreting the language of babies. He has written a new book to help parents decode and understand the behavior of their infants.... Read full article