Can’t-Miss Roadside Attractions in New England

One of the best things about taking a road trip with your family is all of the “extra” experiences that come with traveling by car. These quirky New England roadside attractions can provide fun-filled breaks during a long drive and create lasting memories for kids and adults alike.


Paul Bunyan Statue

Bangor, Maine


Although Bangor is one of two U.S. cities claiming to be the birthplace of the legendary Paul Bunyan, they can definitely boast having the largest Paul Bunyan statue in the world. Seeing this mammoth 31-foot-tall lumberjack is worth a stop.


Giant L.L. Bean Boot

Freeport, Maine


You must visit the L.L. Bean flagship store not to buy boots, but to pose with one! Outside the store stands a 16-foot tall rubber boot in the company’s iconic style. While in Freeport you may also want to see the Big Freeport Indian statue on U.S. Highway 1.


World’s Longest Candy Counter

Littleton, New Hampshire


If it’s time for a snack there’s no better place to stop than at Chutter’s, home to the world’s longest candy counter! Whether you have a sweet tooth or a love of organization, the 112-foot long counter featuring 500 types of candy is a sight to behold.


America’s Stonehenge

Salem, New Hampshire


Watch a short video then take a self-guided tour of America’s Stonehenge, a series of man-made stone structures said to be 4,000 years old. If the stones don’t interest you, the attraction’s alpaca herd probably will.


Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour

Waterbury, Vermont


For a cool and flavorful road trip stop, enjoy a tour (taste-test included) at the Ben & Jerry’s Factory. Don’t forget to pay your respects to “retired” flavors in the official Flavor Graveyard.


Shelburne Museum

Shelburne, Vermont


It would take quite a while to tour the museum’s 39 buildings full of antiques, but the main attraction here is the steamship Ticonderoga. The 220-foot-long steamship is landlocked and set in a hole on the premises.


The Mapparium

Boston, Massachusetts


Head to the Mary Baker Eddy Library for a tour of the Mapparium. This unique attraction is a stained-glass globe lit from the outside, designed in 1935. Visitors can walk inside the globe on a glass bridge to watch a short presentation.


Dr. Seuss Memorial Garden

Springfield, Massachusetts


For a whimsical road trip stop, try the Dr. Seuss Memorial Garden in Springfield, Mass. The kids will love seeing the statues of their favorite rhyming characters, from the Cat in the Hat to the Lorax and the Grinch.


Wells Dinosaur Haven

Uncasville, Connecticut


Take a walk around the wooded backyard of a sculpture artist that’s filled with dinosaurs. This free-to-visit attraction even boasts a full-size tyrannosaurus rex. Each dino statue is a work of art.


Big Bob, the Muffler Man Cowboy

Norwich, Connecticut


If your family is checking “really big statues” off your road trip bucket list, you won’t want to miss Big Bob, the American flag-wielding cowboy. Standing 22 feet tall, you can’t miss him!


Scrap Metal Scorpion

Exeter, Rhode Island


Just a few miles off I-95 stands a bright green and yellow scorpion guarding the entrance to a scrap metal company. If your family likes sculpture art or creepy crawly things, this may be a good stop for you!


Mysterious Viking Tower

Newport, Rhode Island


What’s so mysterious about a beautifully constructed stone tower standing in a Newport park? Well, historians don’t actually know who built it. Theories range from Vikings to the Knights Templar or possibly the colonialists.


Balanced Rock

North Salem, New York


Like other balanced rocks across the country, this attraction is literally a 60-ton boulder precariously balanced on a handful of smaller rocks. With a dedicated parking area, this could make a nice picnic spot if you’re passing through.


Original Pooh

New York, New York


If your travels bring you to the Big Apple, you’re sure to have a to-see list a mile long. Don’t miss out on a smaller attraction at the New York Public Library. The Children’s Room displays the original stuffed animals from the beloved Winnie the Pooh tales.


Anne Sandoval is a travel lover and marketing manager for and Drive the Nation.

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03 Jun 2016

By Anne Sandoval