Birthday Party Goody Bag Ideas

Planning a birthday party for your child? Check out these creative birthday party goody bag ideas that are perfect for every budget!



DIY Goody Bag – Brown paper bags are perfect for coloring. During the party, let kids decorate their bags. Put out bowls of candy, prizes or both and have party goers pick one or two from each bowl to fill their bags.


Sweet Desserts Goody Bag – Bake some sweet desserts for the party and make a little extra. Get party bags that go with the theme of your party and fill them with the extra desserts for kids to take home.


Book Goody Bag – If you are looking to stay away from sugar, pick your child’s favorite book as a way to say thank you. To keep the costs down, choose the paperback version over the hardcover version. Have your child write a thank you note in the cover.


Favorite Toys Goody Box – Take the stress out of the goody bag and make it as easy as possible! Find a cardboard box and fill it up with your child’s favorite things, such as toys, stuffed animals, jewelry, cars or treats. When each child leaves, they get a special something that they know the birthday boy or girl loves.


Party Activities –Make tie dye shirts or fun picture frames for the party guests to take home. They will leave with something fun and handmade.


Bubbles Goody Bag – Bubbles are really inexpensive and really fun for young kids. Personalize each bubble bottle by printing out a custom label or decorating with fun stickers and ribbon to match the theme of your child’s party.


Halloween Goody Bag – Take a latex-free glove and fill the fingers with Smarties. Fill the rest with small candies of your choice and tie with a ribbon at the end. For the finishing touch, put a spider ring on one of the fingers.


Elaborate Ideas


Personalized Goody Bag – Personalize each goody bag for each child who attends the party. Set up a candy or toy bar. Before children leave, they can fill their goody bags with all different kinds of treats!


Thank You Bags - On each party themed bag, have your child write a sweet note on the back or on a postcard to put inside of the bag. Fill the bag with treats or toys. It makes the bag a little bit more personalized.


Matching Pajamas Goody Bag - When the kids get older, sleepover parties are pretty popular. Instead of filling the bag with sweet treats, create a goody bag with sleepover necessities. Matching pajamas, slippers and a new toothbrush are perfect party favors that they can use during the party.


Mini Mailboxes – Instead of using bags, pick up mini mailboxes. Personalize each one or let kids personalize the mailboxes during the party. Any craft or treat they make can be put inside of their mailboxes to take home or fill it with little surprises!


Scavenger Hunt – Create a scavenger hunt throughout the party for the items that go in their goody bags. Have the kids find different objects to put in their bags such as Frisbees, candy, bubbles, etc.


Custom Coloring Books – Create a custom coloring book to go with the theme of your party.  Pair with markers or crayons for the kids to take home to color.


Lego Goody Bags – Create bags that look like Lego Guys.  Fill it with different treats such as Lego coloring books, actual Lego kits, etc.  


Beach Goody Bags – If you are having a beach themed party, make sure your goody bags are beach themed as well. Fill a bag or sand bucket with flip flops, sunglasses and different sand castle building tools! You can add in beach themed cookies and cupcakes too!


For more ideas, check out our "Goody Bag" Pinterest Board here.





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21 Oct 2014

By Boston Parents Paper