Bicycle and Scooter Helmet Safety

Spring has sprung and the kids are outside in full force, riding their wheeled devices to the park, friend’s houses and sport practices.  Though we at Boston Children’s highly endorse these great activities, we want to ensure children are taking the proper steps for a safe ride! Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind to prepare for this much anticipated time of year!

Before taking your children’s wheeled devices out for their first ride of the season, be sure their helmet is still good from the previous year! This includes ensuring that it still fits securely on their head, can properly buckle, that it does not contain any cracks or bumps and that it is less than four years old. A helmet can only withstand one significant crash, so if your child fell while using it last year, its best to purchase a new one!

In Massachusetts all persons sixteen years of age or younger, are required by law to be wearing a helmet on a bicycle, however a helmet should be worn while on any wheeled device! Not all helmets are equal, so be sure your child is wearing the appropriate helmet for the activity they are taking part in. A bike helmet should only be worn when on a bicycle, because it only protects the front of the head in a crash. A multi-sport helmet protects the whole head and is the proper choice when rollerblading, riding a scooter and skateboarding.

A helmet should sit snugly all the way onto their head and should not move side to side or front to back if they shake their head yes and no. The buckle should fit securely under the chin with only two fingers worth of space between it and the child’s chin and a V should form on each side of the ears.

Also, the sun may be out now, but don’t forget to buy a helmet for your child’s winter activities! When skiing, sledding, snowboarding and even ice skating, your child’s head should be completely protected to avoid injury. Winter sport helmets provide proper warmth from the frigid temperatures, while also safely guarding the head from a potentially devastating injury!

Helmets can prevent up to 85% of head injuries when worn properly, so ensure your child is safe during every ride!

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