Best Cell Phones for Kids

Cell phones for kids may sound a little daunting, but in our world of technology it’s becoming more and more common.  Certain companies, plans and apps let you have control of your child’s cell phone. That means you can set limitations, a budget and have safety features, like GPS trackers and SOS keys. Not that bad of an idea, right? You can have peace of mind when your child is away with these great cell phones for kids.



1. Kajeet

Kajeet offers the safest smart phones for kids. Parents have unlimited access to multiple parental controls right from the computer. Controls include GPS locators and alerts, website filters, text and phone call blockers, options for specific times and dates the phone can be used, and the choice of who pays for what. You can shop their phones or use your own Sprint phone.


2. Zact

Only pay for what your child needs with a Zact phone. Use your phone like a remote control to manage your child’s phone. You can set curfews, block calls except for mom and dad, reward them with certain apps and even turn it completely off. With the easy control app, you can customize it any time of the day or night.


3. LG Migo

This cute cell phone for kids is simple to use and perfect for little hands. In the center of the phone there is an emergency key for safety and four speed dial keys for important numbers, like mom’s and dad’s. There is also a service that lets you know where your kids are at all times. The bright green color is fun for kids too.


4. FiLIP

A phone, GPS tracker, messaging device and watch all in one! That’s right, not only is it a cell phone for kids but it’s a colorful watch for kids to wear. Parents can program five different numbers for their child to call and receive calls from. Simple and short text messages can be sent and there is a GPS tracker. It’s the convenience of a cell phone with safety for kids.


5. Firefly GlowPhone

This cell phone is perfect for younger children due to its simple controls and limited capabilities. The Firefly GlowPhone is good for parents who want to keep in touch with their children as there are specific parent buttons. Parental controls are also available. Text messages to the phone but not from the phone are a feature as well as voice messages.


6. Just5 J510

Safety and ease are the top qualities of the Just5 J510 cell phone for kids. Big buttons and a big screen make dialing easy. When your child dials a number the talking keypad reads it back to them and you can also program five emergency numbers. The SOS button is also perfect for emergencies. The child holds it down and it sends out a text to the five contacts and continuously calls them until someone picks up.


7. Sprint WeGo

Affordable and easy to use makes this cell phone perfect for first time users. All parents need is a device on the same service and they can activate and control the WeGo. You can enter up to 20 contacts, use a GPS tracker and there is even an alarm system where you pull a string with a loud alert that sends a text or email to notify parents. WeGo is also very durable and water resistant for up to 30 minutes.


8. iPhone 4s and up

While this one is on the pricey side and a little fancier, it also has great features. iPhones are well known and reliable. You can set an iTunes budget for your child, download fun apps, set restrictions, install a GPS tracker, download tons of music and even have a passcode to enter the phone.  

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11 Aug 2014

By Jennifer Hanrahan