Best Board Games for Teenagers

It’s easy to run to the store and pick up a few games, but what isn’t so easy is finding the games teens will get excited about. Here are the five games we love for teens!


Apples to Apples

Bring on the laughs! Perhaps the most popular game for teens right now, Apples to Apples is a unique twist on an old idea: players each take seven red cards from the deck, not sharing what cards they picked. Cards might say things like JOHNNY DEPP, with a description of who this person or thing is. One person, the Judge, will draw a green card from the deck. Green cards might say something like SPLENDIFOROUS, with a description of what this word means. Each player aside from the Judge will hand in one red card that they believe represents the green card most accurately, and thus the award goes to whomever has the best card. Be prepared for a night of raucous laughter when playing Apples to Apples. It’s great for family nights and sleepovers!



A classic game that will never have a dull moment, Clue is a mystery that will keep everyone engaged and wondering who the murderer is. The object of the game is to move through the board collecting hints about which room Mr. Boddy was murdered in, with what object and by which character. If guessed right, you win! With a more mature subject matter and a more suspenseful game, teenagers love Clue and won’t get bored after just one round.



A perfect game for parties, Taboo will most definitely get rowdy. The point of the game is for players to try and get their teammates to say the word on their card without using any of the given descriptive words on the card. Similar to the famous and family friendly game Catch Phrase, Taboo is a great game for birthday parties and family reunions. Don’t hesitate to pick up a copy of Taboo next time you are looking for a fun and entertaining game for your teens!



A great game to play with large groups of kids, Cranium is a true party. With four card categories, teams get to choose what task they perform. Tasks might include making an object out of clay and having the other teammates guess what it is, or drawing a trivia card and having to answer the question correctly before time runs out. Teens love playing Cranium as it will keep everyone entertained for hours!


Scene It?

The movie trivia game that will keep the whole room entertained, Scene It? is one of the best games for large groups available today. Teenagers are sure to be interested in a game all about their favorite movies, and adults will love it too! Answer questions about Jennifer Garner and Morgan Freeman’s best feature films while snacking on your favorite treats!


Ashley Howard is an intern at Boston Parents Paper.

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21 Mar 2014

By Ashley Howard