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Articles in Behavior

The Next Wave of Recess Renaissance


Adaptive Playgrounds and Physical Education Programs Help Special Needs Students Be Their Best Selves... Read full article

Raise Your Expectations of Your Child

by Katie Novak, Ed.D. on

Why Growth Mindset Is the Most Important Measure of Success... Read full article

Autism's New Definition: What It Means for Families


A proposed overhaul of the way autism is defined has some parents worried that their children's diagnoses and services are in jeopardy. But health providers say most kids will retain the diagnosis under the proposed guidelines. ... Read full article

10 Easy Steps to Raising World Citizens


10 Easy Steps to Raising World Citizens... Read full article

When Your Child Is Troubled


Understanding the red flags, inside and outside of the classroom, that may indicate a child is struggling with sadness, anxiety or other behavioral issues.... Read full article

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors


Recognizing and understanding body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRB).... Read full article

Challenges for Parents of Special Needs Kids


We asked Massachusetts parents of kids with special needs about their day-to-day challenges and how they work around them to focus more on enjoying their children. ... Read full article

Spotting a Speech Problem – and Helping Your Child


About 10 percent of children nationwide have some kind of communication disorder, including speech and language problems. Here's a look at some common speech problems and what to look for in your child.... Read full article

Sensory Processing Disorder


More than your typical tantrum. Plus a look at treatments for children with sensory processing disorder. ... Read full article

Sports: The Important Lessons of Losing


How losing can teach kids valuable lessons so that they may succeed in life. ... Read full article