Beach Party Ideas & Games

Invitations: Use printable invitations or make your own from scratch. Invitations can be shaped like anything you could find at the beach; shells, flip-flops, sandcastles or beach balls will work great. You could also make invitations centered around your child’s favorite ocean-themed movie, such as the Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo. Check out the link to our Pinterest page below for creative ideas and printouts.


Venue: If your party is in the summer, a trip to the beach may be in order! Whether you have the entire party at the beach or take a walk down towards the end of the party, allowing party guests to soak up the sun will leave everyone feeling happy! Make sure to follow the rules and regulations of the beach you visit and make sure the beach has a posted lifeguard to keep watch over swimmers. Check out our list of the best family beaches is Mass and Rhode Island. If your birthday is out of beach season, you can easily recreate a nautical scene in your house: lay down blue tarp to represent ocean waves and use tan rugs or mats to represent sand!


Seaweed Dip: Spinach dip can easily pass for seaweed. Serve with crab legs (red and orange bell peppers), kelp (celery or broccoli) and sand dollars (kettle cooked chips).


Ocean Parfait: Create an edible ocean! Start with a layer of blue Jell-O at the bottom of a plastic cup. Put whipped cream on top, and then layer crushed graham crackers on top of the whipped cream. Top the parfait with beachgoers (teddy grahams), beach towels (fruit roll-ups) and a paper umbrella.


Octopus Dogs: Hot dogs with a twist! Using a knife, cut eight long slits in a hot dog. These will create the tentacles of your octopus. Grill the hot dog as you normally would, and watch the tentacles fray out and move as they cook! Use ketchup or mustard to add eyes and a mouth.


Crabwiches: Use croissants to create sandwiches shaped like crabs! Cut a triangular piece out of the ends of the croissant to shape your crab’s pincers. Use a slice of ham or turkey to create the mouth and create eyes by placing a toothpick topped with an olive into the croissant.


Cake: A cake shaped like a sandcastle will win over party guests. Follow a recipe for vanilla cake and shape your cake like the sandcastle of your beach lover’s dreams. Create a simple “sand” frosting using buttercream and crushed graham crackers. Decorate with cookies and candy sea creatures, such as gummy sharks.


Limbo: Channel your inner Hawaiian luau with a traditional game of limbo! Have party guests line up in front of your wooden limbo stick. Let each guest go through. Once everyone has gone through, begin lowering the stick by one notch. The guest that can limbo under the stick at the lowest height wins a small prize.


Photo Prop: Purchase a photo prop that allows guests to put their face into holes and take memorable pictures! Mermaids, pirates or sea creatures will create some humorous photos and memorable keepsakes for your guests.


Horseshoes: A nautical twist on the horseshoe game! Place a small, inflatable octopus in the middle of the yard. Give each guest three leis. Allow guests to try and throw the leis onto the octopus. The guest that gets his or her lei closest to the octopus wins a small prize.


Party Favors: Give each guest a bucket and shovel filled with beach-themed accessories. Fill the bucket with bubbles, a small soccer ball or football, sunscreen and fun sunglasses.


For more ideas, check out our Pinterest board:


Mabel Sterritt is an intern with Boston Parents Paper.

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23 May 2014

By Mabel Sterritt