Baby Shower Games

Having a baby is an important event in many women’s lives.  The shower leading up to the big day is exciting and meaningful to everyone who attends.  Take a look at the list below of fun baby shower games to keep your guests entertained.

Guess the Baby
- Have every guest bring a photo from when they were a baby.  Have each guest guess who is who. The one that gets the most correct wins a prize!

Pregnant Twister
- Have the guests put on a fake baby belly and begin the game of Twister. The mom-to-be can watch on the sidelines. This game will definitely bring a few laughs.  

Feed the Baby Blindfolded
- Break the guests up into teams of two. Give each team two jars of applesauce, two baby spoons, bibs and blindfolds. Each team will go one at a time. The teammates will put their blindfolds on and try to feed each other the apple sauce at the same time. The other party goers will have a blast watching them try and feed each other. The team with the fastest time wins a prize.

Baby Bottles
- Fill baby bottles with each guests’ drink of choice. Give everyone who is playing a bottle and have each guest start at the same time. The object of the game is to drink the contents in your baby bottle the fastest.

Baby Bingo
- Print or create your own bingo sheet. Fill in different items from the registry list. Each guest gets a bingo card as well as a pen. As the mom-to-be starts opening presents, have the guests mark each gift she opens that is on their bingo sheet to see who gets Bingo first!

Decorate Onesies
- Have each guest create a special onesie for the mom-to-be! Leave out plain white onsies along with fabric paint and markets. Let their creativity run wild! It is a great way for the mom to remember her special day as she outfits her baby with these onesies.     

Dirty Diaper
- Melt different kinds of chocolate bars into separate diapers. Have the guests investigate the diaper by looking and smelling. Whoever guesses the correct candy bar wins!

Guess the Baby Food
- Get as many different flavors of baby food as you can. Peel the label off of the jar so the flavor is unknown.  Have the jars numbered with the flavors on a piece of paper so you do not lose track of the jars and their flavors. Have the guests smell each jar and guess what flavor food it is. You can even offer spoons for guests to try the baby food.

Guess the Nursery Rhyme
- Choose 10 or more nursery rhymes of your choice. Take a line from each rhyme and write it on a piece of paper.  See which guest can come up with the most titles correctly!

Toilet Paper Advice
- Pass around a roll of toilet paper to each person in the room. Tell the guests they can rip off as much or as little as they want. Once every guest has their piece of toilet paper, tell them for every square the guest has, they have to share baby advice, parenting advice or well wishes for the new mom-to-be!

- Create a fun baby shower trivia game while the mom-to-be is opening her gifts. After she opens a few gifts, have a time out for trivia. Read one or a few questions and see who can guess the answers correctly. It is a great way to keep the guests entertained while the guest of honor is opening her gifts.

Guess the Giver
– While the mom-to-be is opening presents, do not let the guests know who brought the gift. Whoever guesses the gift giver correctly, wins a special prize.  You can either play this game for fun or with prizes. 

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19 Sep 2014

By Boston Parents Paper