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Articles in Pets

Animal Therapy Resources in Massachusetts


Experts urge parents to be educated consumers, carefully researching any therapy for their children involving animals.... Read full article

Homemade Pet Treats and Gifts for the Holidays


DIY holiday gifts and treats for pets. ... Read full article

Poisonous Plants to Humans and Pets


These poisonous plants can be dangerous to people and animals. ... Read full article

Adopting a Dog or Cat


If you're thinking about adopting a dog or cat, read this article with informative tips and breed recommendations. ... Read full article

Summer Pet Tips


It’s easy to remember to put sunscreen on children before they go out to play, but is it easy to spot signs of dehydration in the family pet? ... Read full article

Adopt a Baby Chick


Do you and your family want to adopt a baby chick? Baby chicks are super adorable but are also a lot of work. Read the tips below before adopting and bringing home your new baby chick to the family! ... Read full article

Bunny Adoption Guide


Adopting a new bunny rabbit is an exciting time for a family. Take a look at the tips before you adopt a bunny and take home your new addition to the family! ... Read full article

The Family Dog – Tips from Hollywood Trainers on Choosing and Caring for a Canine


Your kids want a dog. But you have no idea where to begin – so many breeds, so much to think about! Check out this advice, from the people who train dogs for TV and films, on how to choose and care for a canine.... Read full article

Be a Weekend Foster Family to a Puppy!


Your family could be a weekend foster family for a puppy being trained as an assistance dog for people with disabilities.... Read full article