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Articles in Health & Wellness

How to Part with Your Kids' Outgrown Toys


Wondering how you'll ever clear out all the outgrown, unused toys in your home? Here's one mom's experience, along with tips for cleaning up and clearing out the clutter of playthings in your living space.... Read full article

Teach Your Child to Shoot a Basket!


Got a little Michael Jordan wannabe in your family? It's not hard to teach a child to shoot a basket. These fundamentals from local basketball experts Sarah Behn and Steve Curley give you all the information you need.... Read full article

What We All Need to Know about EpiPens


About 100 people, including children, die of allergic reactions in the U.S. each year, and epinephrine is amazingly effective in preventing this. The EpiPen is easy to use – learn how so that you too can prevent food allergy deaths.... Read full article

Caring for Your Kids – and Your Parents: New Help for the Sandwich Generation


For an increasing number of parents, caring for family means caring for your kids and your parents. A psychologist and author offers ideas on balancing your life and handling the dynamics that come with caring for extended family.... Read full article

6 Common School-Year Illnesses and How to Avoid Them


The start of a new school year has many parents on the lookout for the latest illnesses swirling around the classroom. Here are six common, infectious illnesses to watch for, along with tips on how your child can avoid catching or spreading them.... Read full article

New Tricks to Jazz up School Lunches


Get bored packing the same old things for lunch? Your kids are probably just as bored eating them. Here are some fun and easy ideas to bring some creativity to school lunches and satisfy even the picky eaters.... Read full article

Portable Pools Are Smaller, Drowning Risk Isn’t

by Christina Elston on

In spite of their ease and convenience, portable pools still pose the same drowning risks of any body of water. Here are some important and unique safety precautions to keep in mind as your kids use these pools this summer.... Read full article

Boston Parents Paper 2011 Family Advocate of the Year


Each year, the Boston Parents Paper honors a person or organization committed to helping local families in need. Our 2011 Family Advocate of the Year is Boston's Room to Grow, which provides supplies and support to families of children up to age 3.... Read full article

New Warnings About the Sun and Tanning


Despite years of warnings about the sun, tanning beds and skin cancer, Americans continue to stay outside too long without enough sunscreen, and many adolescents and adults are using tanning beds. Here's an updated look at a continuing problem.... Read full article

Parenting Gold: 20 Award-Winning Products That Bring Out Your Parenting Best


Our 2011 National Parenting Publications Awards for Parenting Resources feature books, gear, web sites and more to make your parenting lives easier. Here, we list the 20 gold-winning products. For all of this year's winners, visit NAPPAawards.com. ... Read full article