Angry Birds Kids' Party Ideas and Games

Angry Birds was a simple game with a simple premise; you only had to tap your phone’s screen to destroy a kingdom of greedy green pigs. But the game has exploded in popularity! Here are some tips on throwing an Angry Birds-themed party for your child!


Invitations: Download, buy or make invitations shaped like angry birds. There are red, blue, green, yellow, black and white birds, so each invitation can be unique and creative! Check out the link to our Pinterest board for ideas and invitation templates below.


TNT cupcakes: Create explosive cupcakes by adding pop rocks to the frosting! When guests bite into them they’ll be amused by the fizzling sensation in their mouths. 


Angry Birds food spread: On a large platter, serve pretzel sticks to act as the wood planks in the game. Surround the “planks” with tomatoes (for the red bird), black olives (for the black bird), yellow peppers (for the yellow bird), hard-boiled eggs (for the white bird) and cucumbers for the pigs.


Bird food: Serve different types of gummy worms to represent bird food. You can use regular gummy worms or sour gummy worms.


Fruit punch: Serve red and blue Kool-Aid to guests in dispensers shaped like the birds. This can be done by printing out templates of the birds’ faces and adhering them to regular water or drink dispensers.


Photo props: Create your own photo booth by giving guests the option to dress up as the birds and pigs. Print out templates of the animals and tape them to wooden sticks. Have the guests hold beaks, headpieces and eyes up as you take their picture! Let each guest take photos with them as a party favor.


Peg the pigs: This game requires concentration, skill and a bit of luck! Set up green balls throughout the yard. These will represent the pigs. Devise an obstacle course by surrounding the pigs with logs. Create or buy beanbag versions of the birds, and have guests throw the beanbags with the intent to hit the green ball. Give guests with the closest toss a small prize.


Decorations: What would an Angry Birds party be without the birds? Hang cutouts of the birds throughout the house and decorate accordingly with the birds’ colors. Set tableware and silverware sticking to the birds’ color palettes, and allow party guests to pick their own bird as their seating place.


Cake: Make or buy a layered cake to look like a game of Angry Birds! Use fondant on the first layer as stone pieces, and build your layers with wood, bombs, birds and pigs! You could also shape the cake as the birthday child’s favorite bird.


Party favors: As each guest leaves, make sure they have their photo booth pictures. You can also give them a bag filled with themed candy, such as Angry Birds gummies, or candy that is color-coded with the birds’ colors.


Check out our Angry Birds Pinterest board here



Mabel Sterritt is an intern with Boston Parents Paper.

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11 Jun 2014

By Mabel Sterritt