A Good Parent Childcare Provider Relationship

Parents should seek a solid relationship with a day-care provider from the start. Follow these tips from Amy Newmark, senior parent counselor, and Randi Schneider, corporate manager, of the ChildCareResourceCenter in Cambridge, MA.

  • Spend time on the front-end. Research potential day-care situations in depth. Talk to a provider's references. Closely review each provider's contract. Be sure late fees, sick-care policies, vacation days, holidays, contract termination and other issues are clearly spelled out. Many policies are required by the state for licensed providers.


  • Choose a provider who makes communication a priority. Look for providers who give regular, written progress reports on your child. To get a sense of how the provider communicates, ask his or her references this question: When there was a difference in opinion, how did the caregiver respond?


  • Make time for communication. Figure out when it will be easiest to talk with providers about issues at home or at day care. A daily sharing of information about naps, meals and the child's mood is best.


  • Follow the chain of command if a serious problem develops. At a day-care center, talk with the child's teacher first, then the director. At a family day care, talk with the provider, plan a specific course of action and time frame. If the provider does not respond, contact the ChildCareResourceCenter or another state child-care referral agency, including the Office for Children, for advice. If a violation of OFC regulations has occurred, the child-care referral agency is required to report it to the OFC for investigation. The parent's identity remains anonymous.

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08 Oct 2017

By Amy Newmark