7 Fun Baby Gender Reveal Ideas

Chances are your family and friends are already super excited about the bun in your oven, but there’s no better way to build on that anticipation than with a fun baby gender reveal. That’s right, it’s not just those patient souls who wait to find out the baby’s sex at the birth who get to have all of the fun. These cute baby gender reveal ideas will make seriously sweet memories for you and your loved ones.


1.  Baby gender reveal cake.

Make or order a gender reveal cake! If you’re already privy to the information and feel like tying on your baker’s apron, make a white cake dyed either blue or pink, depending on the baby’s sex, with food coloring, then frost it in a neutral color so family and friends have to wait for the dessert to be cut to get the big reveal. If you want to be surprised as well, ask your doctor to write the baby’s sex on a notecard and seal it in an envelope, then hand it to a pro baker who can take care of the special cake for you.


2. Baby g´╗┐ender reveal party poppers.

There are actually gender reveal party poppers filled with either blue or pink confetti that expecting parents can purchase. You can either pop them when you have family and friends over for dinner or plan a small gender reveal gathering during which everyone gets to celebrate. If you’ve assembled a neutral registry that doesn’t give away the child’s gender, you could use the party poppers at your baby shower, too!


3. Baby gender reveal handprints.

Perfect for social media sharing, have someone take a photo of you and your partner, with his hands resting on your bump in a heart shape. Next, paint your hands in either blue for boy or pink for girl and place them on your tummy in the same heart shape, lifting them up and taking another photo to reveal the color of the heart, which then shares the gender of the child. This works best if you’re dressed in either a white T-shirt or tank top to easily display the color of the hand prints.


4. Baby gender reveal silly string idea.

If you’re sharing the news with a whimsical group of loved ones, set up a line of silly string cans containing either blue or pink product. Cover the cans in white craft paper so that the color in the container isn’t immediately visible to guests. Once you’re ready to share the big news, have them start spraying each other with silly string. The color of the string will let them know if a boy or a girl is on the way.


5. Baby gender reveal balloons.

Fill a giant cardboard box with either pink or blue helium balloons, depending on the gender of your baby. Seal the box before guests arrive. Take the gang outside when you’re ready to fill everyone in on the big news and crack open that box. The balloons will sail into the sky and everyone will know if you’re expecting a son or daughter (perhaps from miles away, too!).


6. Baby gender reveal bubble gum.

Another fun gender reveal photo op can be created by rounding up some pink and blue pieces of bubble gum. You chew the gum that will reveal the baby’s gender and your partner can chew a piece that is the opposite color. Have someone take a photo of the two of you sitting side by side, then a photo of you both blowing a bubble and, finally, the third photo will be you holding your bubble in the correlating gender color while popping your partner’s bubble. Line the three photos vertically and post that cuteness to your favorite social media site for easy sharing.

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7. Baby gender reveal candy.

A simple, and tasty, idea for revealing your baby’s gender is to fill plastic Easter eggs with Hershey’s Kisses or M&Ms in either blue or pink. Pass them out to friends and family and instruct them to crack open their eggs at the same time for the big share. This option is great when you want to do something fun but quick and affordable. Plus, who doesn’t like chocolate?

For even more gender reveal ideas, check out our Pinterest page here. 


Kelly Bryant is associate editor of Boston Parents Paper


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20 Mar 2015

By Kelly Bryant