5 Ways to Decorate Halloween Pumpkins

With fall quickly approaching, it won’t be long until the leaves start changing colors and pumpkins become readily available! Whether you go pumpkin picking at a farm or purchase your pumpkin from your local supermarket, there are a million different ways to decorate pumpkins. Pumpkin carving may be fun, but might not be safe or appropriate for younger children. Likewise, some older children might like a little more independence with their pumpkin endeavors! Here are some ideas on how to decorate Halloween pumpkins.


Celebrate a First Year

Make a first Halloween memorable for your newborn by decorating a pumpkin with her! Create a stencil by tracing around the baby’s hands and feet. Place the stencil on the pumpkin and carve with a sharp knife or a tool specifically designed for carving. If you’re feeling especially crafty, try carving the baby’s name or date of birth underneath the hands and feet. When you’re satisfied, place a LED candle into the pumpkin and let it shine!


Glitter Pumpkins

Want to add a little sparkle to your pumpkins? Follow these instructions to create pumpkins covered in lots of glitter!


You’ll Need

* Pumpkins

* Colored Glitter

* Spoon

* Spray Adhesive

* Small Paintbrush

* Brown Craft Paint

* Roll of Craft Paper

* Newspaper



1. Prepare your work area by setting down a piece of newspaper and positioning the craft paper on top of it. This will keep the area free of glitter and free of a mess. Set out your pumpkins, and decide on a glitter color for each one.


2. Spray the top half of your pumpkin with a spray adhesive. While the glue is still wet, use a spoon to shower the pumpkin in your desired glitter color. Cover the pumpkin in about one or two layers of glitter, but make sure to not let it clump or use too much. Allow it to dry.


Want to make a fun pattern with the glitter? Spray the adhesive in your desired pattern (try zig-zags or stripes!) and spoon the glitter on to it.


3. Pick up the pumpkin and shake off excess glitter onto the craft paper. Roll the craft paper into a funnel and deposit back into its original container.


4. Follow step two again to coat the bottom of your pumpkin, and then shake off the excess glitter again!


5. If you want to paint the stem of your pumpkin, use a small paintbrush and brown craft paint to coat it and make it stand out.


Mod Podge Pumpkins

Make your pumpkins uniquely you with this fun craft! Stock up on tissue paper or scrapbook paper at your local arts and crafts store. The zanier it is, the better! Pick a fun pattern that you like, whether it’s leopard print or a crazy pattern.


You’ll Need

* Pumpkins

* Tissue paper or scrapbook paper

* Mod Podge (am all-in-one glue, sealer and finish)



1. Wash your pumpkins, making sure they’re free of all dirt, dust and debris.


2. Cut your paper into squares and begin laying out where they’ll go on the pumpkin.


3. When you’re satisfied with your design, coat the pumpkin in a layer of Mod Podge.


4. Stick your paper to the pumpkin and press firmly to keep them in place.


5. Paint a layer of mod podge over the squares. Let dry, then paint on another two to three layers.


6. Leave the pumpkin to dry overnight.


7. Want to take it a step further? While the Mod Podge is still wet, spoon glitter onto the pumpkin as well. You can also dip the stem into the Mod Podge and then dip it in glitter!


For more pumpkin decorating ideas, go to page 2! &pagebreaking&

Crayon Melt Pumpkins

This simple craft will have guests complimenting your artistic skills for days to come!


You’ll Need

* Pumpkins

* Hair dryer

* Hot glue gun

* Crayons in your desired colors

* White paint

* Paintbrush

* Newspaper or craft paper



1. Cover your work surface in newspaper or craft paper.


2. Paint your pumpkin in a few layers of white paint, making sure to cover the entire surface area. Let dry.


3. Decide on which colors you’ll put on your pumpkin. Break the crayons in half and use a hot glue gun to glue them to the top of the pumpkin in your desired design.


4. Put your hair dryer on the hottest setting and hold it about three inches away from the crayons.

They’ll melt quickly and will run down the pumpkin, creating a cool dripping effect! Let the pumpkin dry completely before handling it.


Amp Up Your Carving Game

Sick of carving the same three faces into your pumpkins? Here’s how to decorate pumpkin faces! Print out templates or create your own scary faces. If you want to make a zombie pumpkin, get some fake body parts from your local Halloween store and position them so that they’re sticking out of the mouth of your pumpkin!


If you’re looking for less scary and more fun, try carving your pumpkin to look like Cinderella’s pumpkin coach or making your pumpkin look like Olaf from Frozen! For more pumpkin decorating templates and ideas, visit our Pinterest board here! Happy carving!


Share your pumpkin decorating ideas in our comments section. We'd love to hear from you!

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05 Sep 2014

By Mabel Sterritt