5 Key Product Safety Precautions

We all know how important it is to be sure that any products we choose for our families and homes are built with safety in mind. To make sure you and your family are as safe as can be, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) recommends the following:

• Always read and follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

• Look for the JPMA certification seal for added assurance that the product was made with safety in mind.

• Don’t use secondhand products. If you do, make sure they have all the necessary safety features and that the products aren't subject to a recall. 

• Do not use products missing the manufacturer’s label showing the name of the manufacturer, model number and date of manufacture. 

• Select products based on the correct height and weight of your child.

· Be aware of product recalls. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is a great resource for safety information and product recalls. Before you make purchasing decisions about children's products or toys, check the CSPC's website to make sure that the product is safe. You may also check out online reviews to see if parents have any additional concerns about the product. 

Safe at home? No matter where your kids spend their time -- at home, at a childcare provider’s house, or even at their grandparent’s, are you certain that they are safe both indoors and out?

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07 Oct 2017