3 Smart Safety Moves for Smart Kids

Keeping your kids safe is a top priority. Sometimes, though, you can't always be watching to make sure that they're safe. To make sure that they are able to make confident decisions about strangers and other potential dangers, check out these tips from experts in law enforcement and more:

Talking To Strangers: If your child walks home, takes the bus, or is old enough to play in the neighborhood, it is likely that they will encounter strangers. The National Crime Prevention Council suggests that you teach your child the difference between "safe strangers" - policemen and firefighters are all examples of safe strangers that are easily identifiable. Teachers, principals, and security guards are also good examples.

Know What To Do: Tell your child that if she is lost or scared, that she should try to find a police officer, teacher, or other safe adult to speak to. Explain that she should never enter into a private residence with someone she doesn't know or doesn't have permission to go with. Explain to them that you will always have someone that they know pick them up from school or practice, and that if an emergency should happen, they should always call you if someone they don't know is trying to pick them up. 

Teach Them Important Numbers: Your child should know her address, phone number, parents work or cell phone numbers, and how to call 9-1-1-. She should also be able to tell police officers where her parents work and how to get in contact with them. Practice this information with them until you know they've got it down pat. Pop quizzes from time to time don't hurt, either.

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07 Oct 2017