25 Words Your Toddler Should Know

A new study conducted by the Child Study Institute at Bryn Mawr Institute suggests that just 25 words could be the building blocks of your child's vocabulary. As your toddler grows, he picks up words from his environment, and most specifically, words that mean his favorite things - like "food" or "ball." 

If your babbly toddler is beginning to speak, start with this list of 25 words that Professor Nan Bernstein Ratner calls the "canary in the coal mine," or the beginnings of full language development: 

-all gone





-bye bye


















-thank you


Yahoo! Shine spoke with Dr. Leslie Rescorla, director of the Child Study Institute after she'd presented her findings at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's annual meeting. Rescorla told Yahoo! Shine that parents "shouldn't panic if their child is using fewer words than average, but they should consider having them seen by a speech expert."

Source: Yahoo! Shine 

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07 Oct 2017

By Amy McCarthy