10 Tips For Taking Children On Vacation And Keeping It Fun!

Going on a trip with the family is a great way to spend time together, but sometimes kids aren’t exactly patient while waiting to get to their fun destination. Keep kids happy and engaged while traveling with these tips:

- Plan your trips with your children. Get their ideas about things to do and see. Childrentraveling with kidswho are involved in the planning have more ownership in the trip and will have more appreciation and fun.

- Take materials to occupy their time and keep them engaged while traveling, such as iPods or CD players, portable DVD players, coloring books and crayons, portable video game system, favorite toys - the ways you can fill their time are really endless.  

- For long road trips, plan frequent stops. When choosing where to stop, consider the type of place in which your children will be interested. Choose appropriately for their ages.

- Let the children follow the trip on the map so they can see the progress you are making. They will be less likely to bother you with, "Are we there yet?" If you're using a GPS system, let your kids be your navigators if they're old enough, or encourage them to follow along with the route while you travel. 

- Explain your expectations for behavior before you leave. Be sure to include instructions about what to do should the family become separated in a public place.

- Continually encourage your children throughout the trip. "I know it has been a long day in the car, you are being very patient. Thank you."

- An occasional incentive or treat for good behavior can make a long trip shorter. A stop for ice cream or for a romp in a park are good choices.

- Be sure to have plenty of nutritious snacks on hand as well as a selection of healthful beverages, especially if you'll be traveling in warm weather. Planning snacks can keep everyone from getting the "hunger crankies" and save money on expensive convenience store food.

Play travel games together or start a trip project, such as taking a family photo at each stop, or ask an older child to create a trip journal or notebook.

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07 Oct 2017