10 Tips for Creating Better Family Videos

With the vacations and family fun activities that are typically a part of summertime come great opportunities to use your video camera to record memories that will be treasured for years to come. Stuart Hill of, makers of the video-editing software PowerDirector, offers these simple suggestions for getting the most out of your home video recordings.

1. Carry your camera everywhere. You never know when something memorable is going topreserve family memories happen. And you might be the only witness to it. Your smartphone camera is a great way to capture memories on the go. 

2. Aim for the best quality images. These days, auto settings achieve great results. Only play with manual settings if you really know what you're doing.

3. Reassure your subjects. Telling people they look great will make them more willing to be natural, less camera shy and cooperative.

4. Think about lighting. Stand with the light behind you, making sure you have enough light on your subjects to capture bright, clear faces. If you can't, then get as close as possible to your subjects.

5. Whenever you think of doing a Pan, Tilt or Zoom, just don't! Let your subjects move, not the camera. You can always add effects during the editing process and you won't have to deal with jerky shots.

6. Don't talk and shoot. You want the audience to see and hear the action, not you um-ing and ah-ing across the best footage. You can always add commentary (and music) during editing.

7. Cut, Cut, Cut. Edit your work. No one wants to watch two hours of a birthday party. But 15 minutes of highlights can be a lot of fun. Your audience will beg for more.

8. Burn your movie to a DVD. This is an excellent way to archive your memorable footage.

9. Always recharge your batteries. When you are not using your camera, recharge it. Don't be caught at a crucial moment without enough juice. A full charge also prolongs your battery life.

10. Enjoy your video and share it with your family and friends!

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07 Oct 2017