8 Haunted Attractions in Massachusetts

Halloween is creeping up on us yet again and there’s no better place to entertain your little guys and ghouls this time of year than the Boston area. If you’re looking for some hauntingly fun events with different degrees of scare, visit one of these haunted attractions in Massachusetts – if you dare!


1. Barrett’s Haunted Mansion is a Halloween mainstay, promising all kinds of bewitching fun for those who love to be spooked. Part of its appeal is that no matter whether you’re inside the mansion or out, there’s always something lurking in the darkness. Never let your guard down; Barrett’s Haunted Mansion will keep you on your toes at all times. Ages 13 and up. 1235 Bedford St., Abington, 781-871-4573;


2. Whether you are going on the haunted hayride or walking through any of the haunted Halloween scream parks at Witch’s Woods, you’ll never be alone … and we’re not talking about the other revelers who populate this spooky spot. In every shadow creepy creatures await, hoping to stir up thrills and chills as you approach. 79 Powers Road, Westford, 978-692-3033;


3. Why, yes, you can also get spooked at sea! There will be no relaxing on the 90-minute Haunted Harbor Cruise, which hits the water during the month of October. The “crew” will tell you stories that will make your skin crawl, but don’t get too caught up in their tales; there are monsters walking about. 24 Congress St., Salem, 978-825-0001;


4. Haunted Halloween Nights at Hammond Castle is an annual tradition for those who are brave enough to explore the spine-tingling halls. This medieval castle was built between 1926 and 1929 for John Jays Hammond Jr. as a wedding present to his wife. Its rich history sets the scene for a bone-chilling night. Tour the castle and the 24 rooms that are said to be haunted during select October dates. 80 Hesperus Ave., Gloucester, 978-283-2080;


5. Hop aboard the Harvest of Horror, a half-mile long hayride loaded with creatures looking for their next victims. At the end of the hayride, visitors are dropped along the entrance of the Haunted Forest where they are separated into small groups and forced to find the exit. Just beware of the haunting in the forest that will greet you on your way out. This is not for the faint of heart. 394 Old Meeting House, East Falmouth, 508-527-0189;


6. Get your exercise in by embarking on a 90-minute walking tour led by Boston Ghost Tour. Not only will you learn about the historic city of Boston, but you’ll hear some of the city’s most famous ghost tales. At the end of the walk, get the skinny on different secrets that are rumored to lay under the city. Boston Common, 617-605-3635;


7. Factory of Terror promises to scare you out of your mind with five spooky attractions all in one place. It is all indoors and they advise thrill seekers to enter at their own risk. From the name alone, we’d advise littles stay home. 201 Grafton St., Worcester, 508-754-4077 and 33 Pearl St., Fall River, 508-324-1095;


8. The Haunted Salem Magic Show will not only amaze, but terrify you at the same time. Enjoy this interactive 80-minute show during the month of October for a side of supernatural scare with your hocus pocus. St. Peter’s Church Hall, 24 Saint Peter’s St., Salem, 888-340-3584;

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17 Sep 2014

By Boston Parents Paper