With technology changing at a lightspeed pace these days, you might wonder what objects that we’re used to seeing today will have staying power years from now.

The Boston-based junk-removal company 1-800-GOT-JUNK? surveyed 1,010 people nationwide this past summer to ask what items they believe will be obsolete (and tossed into junk piles) by the year 2025. The results may surprise you:

• Simple playthings have staying power. The company says 84 percent of those surveyed believe that crayons and coloring books will stand the test of time, quipping that, “After all, it’s not exactly easy to put a digital file on your fridge.”

• Landline phones are likely headed to landfills. While 51 percent still believe phones with cords will be around, 49 percent are convinced they’ll be obsolete, making landline phones the top item in the survey that Americans expect to be gone.

• Feelings are mixed about gas-powered cars. While 25 percent believe kids in 2025 won’t see gas-powered cars, the younger generation disagrees. Just 12 percent of people ages 18-24 believe gas-powered cars will be obsolete.

– Deirdre Wilson