Ice Sleds Enhance Accessibility at Skating Rinks

In a significant move towards inclusivity in recreational activities, many skating rinks now feature adaptive skating equipment, making the joy of ice skating accessible to a broader audience. The highlight of this initiative is the introduction of ice sleds, a game-changer for individuals who face challenges standing and skating.

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These ice sleds offer a seated skating experience, allowing users to glide across the ice with ease. Equipped with two short hockey sticks, each featuring a figure skating pick at the end, these sleds enable individuals with upper body mobility to propel themselves independently. For those requiring assistance, the sleds come with a stroller bar handle, allowing a helper to push and steer the sled. Safety features like anti-tippers and adjustable leg trays are integrated into the design, ensuring a secure and comfortable experience for all users.

The use of an ice sled at any rink comes at no additional cost at DRC-operated rinks but there may be a charge at privately-operated rinks. Standard skate rentals, if available, might also incur a charge.

To ensure a pleasant and safe skating experience, it is recommended to use these sleds during less crowded times. Skaters can access the skating schedule for each rink by clicking on the respective rink names in the table provided below. Contact the rink in advance to ascertain the optimal times for skating with these adaptive sleds.

The sizes and styles of these ice sleds differ from one rink to another, ensuring a range that caters to various age groups and body types. For adults, the sleds generally have a weight limit of 190 pounds, which is an important consideration for larger skaters. For younger enthusiasts, youth sleds are available with a typical weight limit of 100 pounds. This variation in size and style means that most individuals can find a sled that suits their needs.

It’s important to note that while there is no charge for using the ice sleds, other rental fees at the rink might apply. Therefore, it’s advisable to check with the specific rink regarding any potential costs.

One important aspect of using these sleds is the ability to independently transfer into and out of them. Skaters should be able to navigate the sleds on their own. However, if assistance is required, it is recommended to bring a companion who can help with the transfer and navigation on the ice. Please bring your own helmet. This ensures both a safe and enjoyable skating experience for everyone involved.

Greater Boston Area

Town Rink Equipment
Cambridge Simoni Memorial Rink 1 adult sled, 2 youth sleds, 2 handles
Charlestown DCR Emmons Horrigan O’Neill Memorial Rink 1 adult sled, 1 youth sled, 1 handle
East Boston Porrazzo Memorial Rink 2 adult sleds, 2 handles, 3 walkers
Hyde Park DCR Bajko Memorial Rink 1 adult sled, 1 youth sled, 1 handle
Jamaica Plain DCR Kelly Outdoor Rink 1 youth sled
Medford Flynn Memorial Rink 5 adult sleds, 1 handle
Medford LoConte Memorial Rink 4 adult sleds, 3 handles, 8 walkers
Newton Daly Memorial Rink 2 adult sleds, 2 handles, 1 walker
North End DCR Steriti Memorial Rink 2 adult sleds, 1 handle, 1 youth walker
Revere Cronin Memorial Rink 1 adult sled, 1 handle, 1 walker
Somerville Allied Veterans Memorial Rink 2 adult sleds, 1 handle
South Boston DCR Murphy Memorial Rink 1 adult sled, 1 handle
West Roxbury Jim Roche Community Ice Arena 8 adult sleds, 4 handles
Weymouth DCR Connell Memorial Rink 1 adult sled, 1 handle

North region

Town Rink Equipment
Newburyport Henry Graf, Jr. Rink 1 adult sled, 1 handle

South region

Town Rink Equipment
Brockton John G. Asiaf Memorial Rink 4 adult sleds, 1 youth sled, 4 handles
Taunton Theodore Aleixo Rink 2 adult sleds, 1 handle
Franklin Staff Sgt. Robert Pirelli Veterans Memorial Skating Rink 2 adult sleds, 1 handle
Plymouth John A. Armstrong Memorial Rink 2 adult sleds 1 handle
Fall River Arthur R. Driscoll Memorial Rink 6 adult sleds, 6 handles, 18 walkers

Central region

Town Rink Equipment
Auburn Daniel S. Horgan Memorial Rink 2 adult sleds, 1 handle
Worcester Charles J. Buffone Rink 3 adult sleds, 3 handles, 11 walkers

West region

Town Rink Equipment
Greenfield Collins-Moylan Memorial Rink 2 adult sleds, 2 handles
Holyoke Henry J. Fitzpatrick Rink 8 adult sleds, 5 handles, 6 walkers
Springfield Ray Smead Memorial Rink 2 adult sleds, 2 handles
North Adams Peter W. Foote Vietnam Veterans Memorial Rink 2 adult sleds, 2 handles