A baby’s first birthday is a big day for both parents. Don’t stress about trying to plan the perfect party, just follow our suggestions for a successful birthday bash.

  1. Watch the clock: Plan the party around your baby’s nap schedule. When your guests arrive your child will be awake and happy.
  2. Play area: If you are hosting the party at home, put out stuffed animals and toys in an area that children can play in. Entertain them by blowing bubbles or playing music for them to dance to.
  3. Pick a theme: Pick a theme for your party, such as a popular character or zoo animals! It will make it easier to decorate, as well as plan activities.
  4. Don’t stress: Take time to enjoy your child’s first birthday. Relax and have fun!
  5. Time capsule: Have your guests write a prediction about what your child’s life will be like in 20 years. Seal them up and let your child open them up on his or her 21st birthday.
  6. Photo timeline: Decorate using photos from your child’s first year. Your guests will be able to see how much your child has grown since birth.
  7. Cereal station: If you are having a lot of little ones at your party, have put dry cereal in bowls for the kids to snack on.
  8. The cake: The cake is a huge party of any baby’s first birthday. Get creative and make it yourself or buy it from a local bakery (http://www.bostonparentspaper.com/article/top-5-cake-providers.html). You can have a separate small cake or cupcake for the birthday baby to enjoy.
  9. The menu : If you are planning your party around meal time, keep it simple. Have food that is both adult and kid-friendly so you don’t have to have separate menus.
  10. Photographer: Chances are you will not have enough time to spend behind the camera. Enlist a family member to take photos of the party.

As you get ready to celebrate your son or daughter’s first birthday, we hope these tips help you plan the best party ever!