Along with inquiring about a childcare provider’s qualifications and philosophy, as well as the safety and quality of the facility, ask these questions:

1. What will my child be doing during the day? How much television will he be watching?

2. How can I communicate with you during work hours?

3. What are the parent visitation rules?

4. What type of security do you have?

5. What’s the schedule for sleeping and eating?

6. What are your hours? If I have to stay late at work, will my child be able to stay here? What are your procedures for cancellations and sick days?

7. Do you offer sibling discounts or any options for financial aid? Is there state assistance that I can seek to help cover the costs?

8. Will my child have his or her own crib and clean blankets? Will I need to provide any special items for her during the day?

9. How do you handle babies who are breastfeeding or babies with food allergies? How do you accomodate those needs?

10. What is your policy on celebrating holidays?