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Crafts & Experiments, Education

Learn to Read: Rhyming Words Craft

Help your child learn to read with this rhyming words jet craft. Watch our exclusive video and read the article for even more rhyming words craft ideas.

Eating & Nutrition, Family Values, Health & Wellness

Healthy Lunch Recipe for Kids

Watch this exclusive video on how to make a healthy lunch for your child.

Child Development

How to Teach Kids to Tie Shoes

Teaching your child to tie their shoes can be a difficult process for both of you. Take a look at our fun and easy methods and tips below for helping your child learn how to tie her shoes.

Crafts & Experiments, Family Entertainment

How to Make Beeswax Candles

Make beeswax candles with your kiddos - here's how!

DIY Butterfly Snack Bags

Searching for a way to jazz up school lunches? Look no further than our DIY butterfly snack bags!


Multiply By 9 Finger Trick

Learn how to multiply by 9 using your fingers!

Crafts & Experiments

Melted Bead Bowl Craft

Watch our video on how to make a melted bead bowl.

Crafts & Experiments, Family Entertainment

DIY Melted Bead Accessories and Crafts

Have fun making these DIY melted bead accessories with your kids!

Education, Family Entertainment, Crafts & Experiments

Science Experiment: Milk & Food Coloring

Watch what happens when we add food coloring and a drop of dish soap to 2 percent milk.

Crafts & Experiments, Education, Hot Topics

Soda Explosion Science Experiment

Try this fun science experiment that mixes mint Mentos and diet cola!

Crafts & Experiments, Family Entertainment

Make a Solar Eclipse Flip Book

Here's how to create your own animated flip book.

Education, Family Entertainment

Baking Soda Experiments for Kids

Get ready for a bubbly explosion! Try these fun baking soda science experiments with your kids. Check out the video, too!

Crafts & Experiments, Education, Family Entertainment

5 Fun Science Projects to Do with Kids

Do you have a budding scientist in your home? Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to entertain kids over the summer? Defeat boredom and promote learning by turning your kitchen into a science experiment laboratory!

Crafts & Experiments, Holidays

DIY Snowman Snow Globe Craft

Make this adorable DIY snowman snow globe for family and friends as a holiday or birthday present, or just because!