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The Science Works and MAGIC, etc.

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Through The Science Works, Steve provides STEM Based Enrichment Workshops and Performances for children of all ages.
Through MAGIC, etc., Steve provides entertaining Magic/Juggling/Puppetry performances for children and family events/parties.


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The Science Works!

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BACKGROUND: Steve Lechner has been educating children and teachers for over twenty-five years through The SCIENCE WORKS. He has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College, a M.Ed. ... Read More >>
Steve Lechner has been educating children and teachers for over twenty-five years through The SCIENCE WORKS. He has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College, a M.Ed. (specializing in Classroom/School Science Learning Centers) from Lesley University, and is a former Education Director of the Discovery Museums in Acton, MA. In addition, he has taught courses on Science/Math for Wheelock College, and Elementary Science for grades K-5. He currently presents science enrichment to 15 preschools on a monthly and bi-monthly basis, provides in-service programs and consulting for teachers, and science "magic" shows and hands-on enrichment programs for elementary students.

In addition to his Science services, Steve also entertains at family events with MAGIC, etc. These entertaining performances feature Magic, Juggling, Puppetry and Balloon Animals for Schools, Libraries, Camps, Events, Parties, and more.

The SCIENCE WORKS provides a wide range of educational programs for children and educators at all levels of educational development.  Programs are designed to fall in line with the Next Generation Science Standards, presenting science in a way that educates, engages and entertains students.  Each program includes some element of problem solving, requiring the students to think critically and creatively in order to discover or create solutions.  Programs fall into five categories:
*The Magic of Science
*Collecting Science
*In-Depth Investigations
*Scientist in Residency Program

In these interactive Science Auditorium/Assembly Programs, Steve Lechner presents science experiments for children and families in an exciting and entertaining manner, designed to tickle the imagination and funny-bone!
Students are amazed, then curious….then they start to wonder, think, hypothesize, and problem-solve until the answers are revealed (usually through their own inquiry-based thinking). Each 50-60 minute show lets the children be the scientists as they discover how each “experiment” was accomplished.
Shows include:
The Cabinet of Scientific Curiosities: The cabinet itself is a giant “mystery-box” with drawers, doors, and boxes filled with Steve’s favorite things….Science! Experiments include the Laughing Cup, Tickle Paper, Anti-Gravity Boxes, The Dancing Monkeys, and more!
The Science-Magic-Show: Experiments include the Disappearing Coins, the Mysterious Red-Cabbage Juice, the Self-Inflating Balloons, the Color-Changing Ghost, & more.
The Water-Wizardry-Show: Experiments include the Mysterious Diver, the Trained Swimming Eggs, the Multi-Colored Water, the Gigantifier, & more.

Steve Lechner and The Science Works provide a year long enrichment series featuring creative and innovative inquiry-based science experiences for children aged 3-7. Utilizing hands-on experiments, puppets, literature, activities, a bit of magic and just plain fun, Steve will introduce children to the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.)!
Through these workshops, children will have the opportunity to investigate, question, and wonder while interacting with developmentally appropriate curriculum. Teachers and parents will be inspired by the presentation of science themes that let children become involved in and excited about scientific inquiry and discovery.
"Steve has a wonderful rapport with the children. His lessons are very hands-on and the children are active learners. With his great sense of humor, questioning style and genuine enthusiasm for this subject,  he makes the children think that they are teaching him the scientific principle that he is teaching them. Steve is the highlight of our month and the children eagerly look forward to “science day”!
Lori Howard, Director; The Plymouth Nursery School, Belmont MA
“Thank you for giving our staff such a terrific workshop. These teachers have always been a very tough group to satisfy. You seem to have the right mix of magic! I am very grateful to you for the enthusiasm and inspiration you gave to the staff.”
Judi H. Zalles, Early Childhood Consultant, former Child Development Headstart Director.

Educational Consultant Stephen Lechner introduces teachers to creative, inquiry-based science experiences that make science mysterious, exciting and fun for the educator and the learner, at all levels of educational development. Each workshop weaves direct-experience with materials and problem-solving exercises to help teachers experience science for themselves, just as scientists do when they undertake investigations and make new discoveries. Through these S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based workshops, science becomes a tool to spark participants' interest in discovering and investigating the physical and natural worlds around them.
A bibliography, resource sheet for materials, and activity descriptions are provided with each workshop.
Steve is credentialed through the State of NH, Department of HHS as an
“Early Childhood and Afterschool Master Professional with the
Workshop Trainer/Program Consultant Endorsement”.

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