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With dynamic programs and outstanding teachers for every age, Keys for Kids Music School maintains the highest standards of excellence in a warm and supportive environment that focuses on the joy of music.

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Selecting only the best from Russian, Japanese and American traditional teaching methods and combining them with new innovations, this unique program brings out children’s musical talent and inspires students through their own success. Shy or star, your child will be motivated and involved with hands-on, personalized instruction.

Two-week day program for students ages 5-12, with Counselor in Training program for students 13-15.
*No previous music experience required.

Try your hands on playing different instruments, including piano, violin, guitar, drums, etc. Play, sing, dance, act, and design and make props and costumes for a student-inspired and student-created musical theater performance. Emphasis is on music appreciation, music as a form of expression, visual arts, musical theater, with qualified professionals who can help bring out your individual creativity in a fun and exciting environment.

All sessions focus on the fun of exploring these central themes:
- Music appreciation – listen to different musical styles, learn cool facts from the history of music, and learn to recognize different instruments from the orchestra
- Music as a form of artistic expression – play, sing, dance, act, and design and make props and costumes for a student-inspired and student-created musical theater performance
- Making music – try out the piano, recorder, guitar, violin, and drums, and create your own original musical instrument
- Combining music with other art forms – help create and produce an original musical theater performance, choosing your role as set designer, costume designer, actor, singer, dancer, accompanist, writer or composer
- Have lots of fun and make new friends!

Session 1: June 24th-July 5th, 9:30am-1:30pm
Session 2: July 8th-July 19th, 9:30am-1:30pm
Session 3: July 22nd-August 2nd, 9:30am-1:30pm

Keys for Kids Keyboard Classes:
Teeny Keys (2.5-3.5 year old beginners)
Mini Keys (4.5-5 year old beginners)
Kinder Keys (6-7 year old beginners)
Super Keys (8-12 year old beginners)

Sing 'n' Kids Classes, Drum 'n' Kids Classes

Private Lessons:
French Horn