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TempleTrap: Free Online Puzzle Game from Smart Games Live

Play Temple Trap from Smart Games Live!

In Temple Trap, the goal of the game is to safely guide your adventurer through the temple. Each challenge is completed when the adventurer exits the temple on the highlighted green path. Created by Smart Games Live...this is a great brain teaser for kids and their parents! 

How to Play:

1. Slide the temple walls to find a safe path for your Adventurer. You can click on any highlighted tile you want the Adventurer to go to next.


Temple Trap
2 He cannot proceed through water, climb over walls, or walk on pins. Valid paths are highlighted light green. The tile the Adventurer is standing on is locked in place and cannot be moved. The pins will recede once you've found the correct path. Temple Trap
3 Each maze in the temple has a upper and a lower level. You can only change levels by using the staircases. The upper level is laden with dangerous traps.. the Adventurer cannot remain stationary on the upper level while other pieces are being moved. Temple Trap
4 You have found the right solution when the Adventurer exits the temple on the light green path.


Temple Trap


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