LX Sports Camps


Camp Information

  • Josh Schiering
  • Joe Kahn

Camp Description

LX Sports Camps are engineered to give our athletes the competitive edge needed to succeed on the field and on the courts. We combine the most advanced techniques in sports training development to ensure each athlete is given the tools needed to thrive. Individual attention is geared to identifying each camper’s strengths and weaknesses while the coaches break each skill down to its purest form to then rebuild the entire athlete.

Using drills, tournaments, games and challenges, each group is put to the test and pushed to be aggressive, skilled and patient, while always going for the win. Coaches emphasize control, field/court awareness and the defensive strategies needed to win the game. Attention is placed on the assist as we build complete athletes engineered for success.

Camp Details

  • Josh Schiering
  • 2009
  • 06/20/2016
  • 08/29/2016