The Math Club


Camp Information

  • Joe Quigley
  • 3 Oakland Street
  • Lexington, MA 02420
  • (781) 860-9012
  • (781) 860-9014
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Camp Description

We want to invite you to The Math Club organized for students at the third grade through eighth grade level. The Math Club meets through out the year in the town of Lexington, Massachusetts. This is a private enrichment program that is separate from the public school math teams and clubs and is especially good for the motivated student.

During the school year, the main theme of the Math Club is to have fun, to learn a lot of math, and to prepare for both the Mathematical Olympiad Contest and the Applied Mathematics Challenge Contest. The Math Club has sponsored competitive teams in Massachusetts for the last sixteen years and its students have made many outstanding accomplishments. The main benefit of The Math Club is the learning experience and supportive environment provided to the student. The main focus is placed on incremental progress and the building of a strong foundation in the students' academic career. The basic objective is help the math student to begin the process of how to think critically.

The students receive instruction via lectures providing a variety of math solving strategies and will obtain a deeper understanding to assist them in their future academic years. The format of the Math Club session includes open discussions of complex math concepts and presentations at the blackboard.

The Math Club is offering a Summer Math program again this year for those students interested in continuing their math studies over the summer. I have written my own course notes that will cover pre-Algebra and continue into Algebra and Geometry. I have developed these materials over the last twelve years as a summer math class offering. The material and homework is appropriate for the young math student that is seeing the subject for the first time to the student that needs a strong review of the basic theory. The advanced classes are good for helping the advanced student to the next level of accomplishment and to entering high school.

Camp Details

  • Joe Quigley
  • 1996
  • 09/20/2000
  • 03/02/2001
  • Boston