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ProEVOLUTION Hockey is designed to take players to the next level. Our staff is a highly experienced group of instructors who have coached and/or played at the NHL, NCAA, USHL, Hockey East or Elite High School Level. Our coaches are trained in teaching hockey skills to all levels of players and have developed a structured, progressive, carefully planned weekly curriculum to insure measurable improvement for each player. Additionally, the Pro EVOLUTION Hockey staff firmly believes that to best develop each player’s potential, the proper techniques of on ice skills direction must be supplemented by a systematic off-ice training and conditioning program suited to the age, level and other individual aspects of each player.

Mini Camps Description: The players will participate in one 2 ½ to 3 hours of on ice instruction in addition to 1 -1 ½ hour of off- ice training. Many other camps offer 5 or more hours of ice daily, however our philosophy is that it is counter-productive for the skaters to be on the ice that long each day. Pro EVOLUTION balances off the on ice and off ice sessions daily to insure that bad habits are not formed which frequently occurs when there are too many consecutive on ice sessions.

Pro EVOLUTION Hockey conducts a variety of camps covering all aspects of the sport. Each weekly camp features a theme with specific skills worked on during that week. All players whether girls or boys at all levels are invited. On the first day of camp, players are broken down by age & ability to make sure each player is receiving proper coaching and instruction.

Camp Discounts: First child is full price and each additional child receives a 10% discount off that camp. We also offer a multi camp discount. First camp a skater attends is full price and each additional camp that the skater attends is 10% off the lower priced camp.

Camp Details

  • Brian Yandle, Kelli Doolin
  • 12/31/2001
  • 12/04/1999