Timbertop Camp - The Hampshire Country School Summer


Camp Information

  • Bernd Foecking
  • 28 Patey Circle
  • Rindge, NH 03461
  • 603-899-3325
  • 603-899-6521
  • SAME

Camp Description

Timbertop Camp is the summer program of Hampshire Country School. The camp uses the same beautiful campus with its three lakes and over 1700 acres of land. Our camp reflects, in size and in design, the same program and philosophy as Hampshire Country School (minus the academics). We are intentionally very small, so that we can dedicate an unusually high amount of attention to every camper.

The Timbertop Camper

Just like Hampshire Country School, Timbertop Camp is a place for boys with high intellectual potential and with idiosyncrasies that may have become major problems in traditional camps. The camp provides a unique environment in which those problems are no longer as significant—not because they have been "fixed" but because the camp's focus is on the bright, active, engaged, and engaging side of each child rather than on his quirks or limitations. Some of our campers have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome or other nonverbal learning disabilities.

Timbertop Camp is a good fit for students who are of high ability as measured on standardized tests; or who have demonstrated a profound interest in one specific area, such as math, reading, history, or writing; or who have a strong knowledge in an area of interest. They are caring; they want to please and are generally pro-adult; they might enjoy "mental" competitions; they are compulsively honest; they want to make friends; and they might like imaginative play.

Our campers often have significant problems forming positive relationships with others. They might not fit into a large overnight camp; they might struggle with large groups, inflexible schedules, and competitive sports.

Timbertop Camp is the right place for campers who want to please others but might not yet know how to. They might seem too young for their age, or they might not fit in with an adolescent, loud, fast-paced culture. Our campers thrive when they succeed. Our campers can come across as self-centered in their need for feedback and attention; they might express frustration through unnecessary anger or explosions.

Timbertop Camp is not the right camp for campers who have experimented with drugs or alcohol.

The Dorm—Family-Style Housing

Our cabins are the same dorms we use for our year-round program. The campers sleep in rooms with three to four campers in each room. Each dorm has two dorm counselors, plus specialty counselors. Our campers do better in smaller living units where they can form strong bonds with counselors and peers. Our dorms with bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens enable our campers to spend time in public areas but also to find some quiet time to play or read when they need a break from the hustle and bustle of the camp day.

The campers attend most activities together with their bunk. We are very careful in selecting our campers, and we pay much attention to creating units in which they will enjoy each other.

We are accredited by: NEASC, ISANNE, TABS, SBSA

Camp Details

  • Katherine & Bernd Foecking
  • 1948
  • 11/30/2001
  • 03/31/2002
  • Manchester, NH