Home Design Ideas that Grow with Kids

2 Jun

Design the perfect kid’s bedroom that will take them from toddler to teen. Photo by Jared Epps.

Design the perfect kid’s bedroom that will take them from toddler to teen. Photo by Jared Epps.

By Emily Creswick of Zillow

From toddlers to tweens, kids require intuitive design solutions throughout the home to adjust to their ever-changing routines, sizes and styles. Smart home designs keep kids organized and encourage good habits from a young age. Design solutions also keep the home looking tidy, appeals to residents living in the home, guests visiting and individuals shopping for homes.

From bedrooms to kitchens, check out these smart solutions aimed to optimize and simplify kid’s organizational practices and keep the home looking stylish.


Kids outgrow things quickly, so rather than designing their bedrooms with child-themed features, consider purchasing traditional pieces that will last. Furniture items such as bookshelves, dresser draws and desks are great investments for kids’ bedrooms. These pieces are ideal for storing children’s belongings at any age, such as books, toys, clothing and accessories. As children mature, update pieces with a new coat of colorful paint, stain or design to suit their styles.


Keep things organized in a shared bathroom by dedicating storage space for each child. As medicine cabinets are often out of reach for kids, opt for playful color-coded containers stored under the cupboard or shelf for easy access. For durability throughout the years, choose waterproof containers made from plastic or rubber. For some fun, match the colored storage containers to personalized towels and ensure each child has a dedicate hook to hang his or her towel after bath time. Use a stool for small children who can’t quite reach the sink.


Kitchen countertops are designed for adults, making them too high for smaller children to reach. Kids who help prepare their own meals can use stools to reach countertops. Invest in some kid-friendly utensils for them to help out in the kitchen. Keep plates and cups in cupboards and draws accessible by children. Even older kids can create spills, so avoid messes by using easy-pour canisters for cereal and snacks.

Living Room

Avoid clutter in high-traffic living areas by adding decorative tote boxes to store loose items. These are perfect for kids who like to take their toys from room to room. Personal totes work well for tweens to store belongings, such as shoes and bags after school. For tidiness, use totes to contain sloppy gaming consoles and controllers. Keep common living areas looking fresh by choosing durable, kid-friendly furniture and fabrics, and easy-to-clean low pile carpets and rugs.

Updating the home with kid-friendly design solutions is beneficial for the whole family. A tidy home is comfortable and inviting. Smart design solutions keep kids organized and homes clutter free.


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