Color Me (and My Daughters) Pretty with Zoya Nail Polish

6 Nov

Just this past weekend, I treated my girls to a pedicure at the salon. Knowing that many nail polishes have harmful ingredients, I brought along their favorite Zoya polishes. I’ve been using this brand since I was pregnant with my first child, and since fingers (and sometimes toes) end up in mouths, I’m even more careful that the polishes I select are completely free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and camphor – Zoya Nail Polish is one of the few brands that accomplishes this. We spoke with Zoya Reyzis, founder of Zoya Nail Polish, to hear more about her brand, as well as the nail color trends for fall and winter.

What was the inspiration behind Zoya Nail Polish?
Zoya Reyzis: Early on in my career many polishes were named after fruits, vegetables, places, things or given numbers in lieu of any real name … they were not personal at all. As a practicing manicurist, who owned my own salon, I knew that color was extremely personal … I could literally paint an identity or role for each woman to play… And [that to me] was very important.

When I decided to create my own color line, as an adjunct to our already developed treatments, I decided to create toxin-free colors. I then named each color after inspirational, important historical or fictional characters that were dear to me; Carmen, Pocahontas, Queen of Sheba. After all, who wants to be 001 or apple delight when you can be Carmen? The names created discussions and the women they represented came to life as I told their tales to my clients triggering both emotion and memories.

Today, Zoya Nail Polish continues on with that same tradition, naming every new nail polish color with a woman’s name – albeit now often relating to pop culture, music or muse of the moment rather than my original historically named hues. I am proud to say there are now over 300 colors that women of all ages and stages of life can relate to. Color that still says who a woman is or wants to be at any given time.

What should pregnant women look for when buying nail polish?
Reyzis: It is important for all women to select formulations that are free of potentially harmful toxins. Zoya is proud to be a long-wearing, Big5Free Nail Polish formulation. Big5Free is completely free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and camphor.

Is Zoya safe for kids?

Reyzis: Yes, with parental supervision of course.


Rebecca Isa, Color Developer for Zoya Nail Polish, shares this season’s hottest nail color trends.

Fall Trends

Trend 1: “Classic Redux”

This year’s fall shades represent a return to the classic colors of the autumn season. The Cashmeres and Satins collections contain: clear reds, camel and navy, hunter green and chocolate brown all expressed in both rich cream and liquid metal finishes. A gold flake topper, first seen at Raphael Cennamo, can be layered over any of the shades to mimic the gold accent trend as seen in fall accessories.

Trend 2: “Textured Gems”

Textured polish made a splash in the spring and is back in a big way for fall 2013. It’s combined with the colored gemstone trend to create the look of textured gems for your nails. The beauty of colored gems can be found on the nails with 6 new textured shades including: amethyst, emerald and sapphire. The pixie dust textured formula creates a 3D affect and is applied to a bare nail without base or top coat. It is a simple way for anyone to experiment with texture and enjoy the beauty of fall jewels.

Winter Trends

Trend: “Winter Nights”

For winter 2013 the trend is away from more traditional holiday shades moving instead towards the deeper colors that reflect the feel of the winter season. The Zenith collection contains cool shades with glints of metallic or scattered holos that give the impression of stars in a winter night sky or light reflecting on snow. The icy blue bar-holo topper creates a cool sparkling affect over royal purple or platinum silver. This evocative trend creates a new way to wear color during the deep dark months of winter.


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