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Teens and Texts

19 Sep

It’s not easy to pry your teen’s cell phone out of their hot little hands, but you may want to implement a no texting after dark rule. A study published in the Journal of Child Neurology showed that teens who continued to text after their presumed bedtime when lights were out slept fewer hours, making Continue Reading

Helping Kids to Be Present in This Pokémon GO Age

13 Sep

By Matthew McKay During a family vacation this summer I was strolling along the harborfront of Lake of the Woods in Ontario. The lake is my spiritual home, a refuge to escape into the almost 5000 square miles of sun spackled water dotted with 14,000 wooded islands. The beauty and tranquility soothes my mind and Continue Reading

Brilliant Plan

25 Apr

The GE corporation has committed to donating $25 million to Boston Public Schools (BPS), also creating GE Brilliant Career Labs to help BPS high school students explore college and career possibilities, while providing computer science courses and what’s referred to as a “high school design experience.” The Brilliant Career Labs will have both virtual and Continue Reading

Social Apps Parents/Guardians Should Know About

16 Feb

Social Apps are an increasingly popular way for teens and adolescents to connect and communicate. However, there are some inherent risks with the ability to send anonymous messages and pictures. The latest research from the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University shows that 80 percent of third graders and 93 percent of high Continue Reading

Digital Eye Strain: Kids and Technology

7 Jan

By Cari Cannon As an optometrist as well as a parent, I have concerns about the amount of screen-time we are engaging in on a daily basis. Computers and hand-held devices have become a necessary part of our business and social lives. Did you know that time spent on digital devices now exceeds 11 hours Continue Reading