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Watch Movie Online The Vault (2017)

4 Jan

The Vault (2017) HD Director : Dan Bush. Writer : Dan Bush, Conal Byrne. Producer : Tom Butterfield, Alex Cutler, Luke Daniels, Alan Pao. Release : September 1, 2017 Country : United States of America. Language : English. Runtime : 91 Genre : Horror, Thriller. Movie ‘The Vault’ was released in September 1, 2017 in Continue Reading

Watch and Download Movie Marvel’s Inhumans: IMAX (2017)

19 Dec

Marvel’s Inhumans: IMAX (2017) HD Director : Roel Reiné. Producer : Geoffrey Colo, Paul D. Goldman. Release : September 1, 2017 Country : United States of America. Production Company : IMAX, Imax Film Entertainment, ABC Studios. Language : English. Runtime : 80 Genre : Action, Adventure, TV Movie. Movie ‘Marvel’s Inhumans: IMAX’ was released in Continue Reading

How to Pick the Right Babysitter for Your Family

28 Nov

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Watch and Download Movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

20 Oct

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) HD Director : Alfonso Cuarón. Producer : David Heyman, Mark Radcliffe, Lorne Orleans. Release : May 31, 2004 Country : United Kingdom, United States of America. Production Company : 1492 Pictures, Heyday films, Warner Bros.. Language : English. Runtime : 141 Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Family. Movie Continue Reading

Watch Movie Online The Greater Good – Harry Potter Fan Film (2013)

16 Oct

The Greater Good – Harry Potter Fan Film (2013) HD Director : Justin Zagri. Writer : Justin Zagri. Release : December 3, 2013 Country : United States of America. Runtime : 79 Genre : Fantasy, Action, Adventure. Movie ‘The Greater Good – Harry Potter Fan Film’ was released in December 3, 2013 in genre Fantasy. Continue Reading

Say Good-Bye to the Toddler Mealtime Witching Hour!

13 Oct

There is nothing more exciting than watching your precious little one have her first taste of real food. This is typically a big milestone for babies and parents alike and a well-documented one at that! Baby books are bursting at the seams with pictures of little ones placing a palm full of puréed goodness into Continue Reading

Forgiveness for the Non-Sporting Soul

11 Oct

By Kara Martinez Bachman I don’t care for sports. I never have. During childhood, I spent my time roller skating and riding bikes with kids from the neighborhood. I was active, but it wasn’t the competitive, organized kind of active. One summer my mother signed me up for soccer. I spent the practices – the Continue Reading

Helping Kids to Be Present in This Pokémon GO Age

13 Sep

By Matthew McKay During a family vacation this summer I was strolling along the harborfront of Lake of the Woods in Ontario. The lake is my spiritual home, a refuge to escape into the almost 5000 square miles of sun spackled water dotted with 14,000 wooded islands. The beauty and tranquility soothes my mind and Continue Reading

Become a Master Communicator with Your Child by Following Four Simple Rules

9 Sep

By Jude Bijou Were your parents good communicators? Do your words or tone feel threatening to your family members? Are you often unable to get your message across?  Do you struggle to say what you mean? You aren’t alone if you find good communication difficult. We just weren’t taught about how regardless of whether we’re Continue Reading

Help Your Kindergartner Thrive

5 Sep

Deborah Dixon, MS, CCC-SLP, director of school services for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), details key skills that children need for a successful school experience. Essential skills that are the foundation of school-readiness include: Communication skills – sharing one’s thoughts, wants, and needs as well as understanding the thoughts, wants, and needs of others. Social Continue Reading