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Brain Buzz

30 Mar

A team of MIT researchers report discovering specific parts of the brain are stimulated primarily by music, with the circuits that ignite to different kinds of sound found in completely different parts of the auditory cortex. Dr. Sam Norman-Haignere, one of the study’s authors, told the New York Times that the sound of a solo drummer, whistling, Continue Reading

5 Important Reasons to Make Music with Your Family This Holiday Season

12 Nov

By Susan Darrow This time of year, music often plays a bigger role in many people’s lives than it does during the rest of the year. School concerts, religious choir performances, seasonal community events, holiday hits playing on the radio – all offer abundant opportunities to take advantage of the physical and emotional benefits of Continue Reading

Music Matters – and Not Just at the Holidays

20 Dec

By Christopher Williamson This is the time of year when music fills the halls of schools, when the final preparations for winter and/or holiday concerts are in full swing. Unfortunately, at too many schools, music – and the arts in general – are seen as extras and often marginalized. If provided at all, music is often Continue Reading