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Watch and Download Movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

24 Oct

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) HD Director : Chris Columbus. Producer : David Heyman. Release : November 13, 2002 Country : Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America. Production Company : 1492 Pictures, Heyday films, Warner Bros.. Language : English. Runtime : 161 Genre : Adventure, Fantasy, Family. ‘Harry Potter and the Continue Reading

If We Lived on a Farm…

29 Aug

By Carol Band My son Lewis is at the kitchen table eating Froot Loops and reading the back of the milk carton. It’s organic milk, the carton explains, produced by cows whose blissful days on the farm are described like a spa vacation. “Why can’t we live on a farm?” Lewis asks with a newfound Continue Reading

Download Full Movie Beyond Attraction (2017)

6 Apr

Beyond Attraction (2017) HD Director : Gennaro Tatarella. Release : September 10, 2017 Country : United Kingdom, United States of America. Language : English. Runtime : 110 Genre : Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Romance. Movie ‘Beyond Attraction’ was released in September 10, 2017 in genre Thriller. Gennaro Tatarella was directed this movie . This movie tell Continue Reading

Pink After Blue: What if Your Princess Doesn’t Act Like a Princess?

28 Oct

By Kim Ablon Whitney Dear Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Yes, you have a girl! Your own little princess! I know you were hoping for pink. I was too after having two boys. Don’t get me wrong, I love boys. But, a girl. Now you’re looking forward to all the girl stuff that comes with having Continue Reading

Running on Kid Time

25 Sep

  By Carol Band I recently celebrated my birthday and my oldest son (sweet boy) gave me a T-shirt that says, “In dog years, I’m dead.” Nice. “Ha! You are over 300 years old!” my youngest figured with a burst of mathematical insight. Then he eyed the dog. “That means Chester is 21 … Woohoo! Continue Reading

Children’s Movies Coming Out in 2015 and 2016

7 Sep

  On a cold fall or winter day, there is nothing better than seeing a movie with your family. Check out the list of family friendly movies that are set to release this year and early next year. Be sure to catch them in theaters! Hotel Transylvania 2 – September  25, 2015 Dracula and his Continue Reading

Don’t Eat the Paint and Other Such Sensible Lessons

1 Sep

By Suzanna Parpos In somewhat timid waters, he treaded. It was only natural – the thought of starting at a new school lends itself to those types of jitters. In fact, all new things in life have that sort of tendency of making us feel apprehensive. Somewhere along the way, curiosity and anticipation can transform Continue Reading

Taking the Training Wheels Off

21 Aug

By John Sucich “Don’t let go!” my daughter pleads, as I grip the bottom of her bike seat and try to help keep her balance. “I won’t let go,” I tell her. I want to let go. I want to snap my fingers (which would, of course, require letting go) and just like that see Continue Reading

The Maybe Pile

1 Jul

By Maryanne Curran About once a year I clean out the clothes closet in my bedroom. It’s not a job I enjoy. Yet, it is a job that is immensely satisfying when completed. I am neither a hoarder nor a compulsive shopper. Despite that, it amazes me how much stuff I accumulate through the year. Continue Reading

Summer Louder than Others

29 Jun

By Carol Band My neighbors just had a new baby. His name is Jacob and he is adorable. Sometimes, when the windows are open, I can hear his cries pierce the stillness of the summer night. In the morning, I watch his weary parents push the stroller to the coffee shop down the street. “Getting Continue Reading