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5 Picks to Keep Your Kids Active Without the Drama

22 Sep

By Betty Francisco Now that kids are settled back in school and sitting a whole lots more, keeping up their activity levels is a challenge.  Kids should get about an hour of physical activity every day.  Recreational and competitive sports are a great option.  But if you find it’s a battle between Mindcraft vs. soccer, Continue Reading

National Bike Month

13 May

May marks National Bike Month and there’s no better time to strap on those helmets and go for a family ride. According to the League of American Bicyclists, Massachusetts is the 10th most bicycle-friendly state in the country. Brush up on your bike safety with these tips: Obey the rules of the trail you’re riding Continue Reading

An Invitation to Run

24 Jul

By Janice Henderson A coach and one simple invitation can inspire strength, self-confidence and a lifelong love of sport in a child. That’s all it took for me. At age 7, I learned Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) was responsible for the pinching and grinding ache in my left hip. In the beginning stages of the Continue Reading