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The Staggering Price of Childcare

3 Nov

If your child is in daycare or you employ a nanny, this news won’t surprise you. A report from the Economic Policy Institute finds childcare for two children is more expensive than rent in approximately 80 percent of the country. Childcare costs have risen by 168 percent in the last 25 years, even though the Continue Reading

Nanny Taxes and Payroll

29 Jan

By Stephanie Breedlove Families that hire a nanny to watch their kids are understandably focused on finding the perfect childcare professional for the job. But after the interview process is done and the family has found the right caregiver, the responsibility of tracking payroll and taxes begin. Many Massachusetts families are unfamiliar with what rules Continue Reading

How To Teach Your Children To Handle Money

4 Dec

By Dominic Chan It’s best to teach children as early as possible about the importance of a dollar. The world would be a greater place if all children appreciated the careful handling of money. Think how many senseless tantrums you could’ve avoided if you’re children new exactly how money works. Below are some money know-how Continue Reading

Will It Cost $80K or $460K for College? (It Depends on When You Pay for It!)

7 Oct

By D. Abraham Ringer, CFP Wondering how much it will cost to send your kids to college some day? The answer depends on a number of factors, including: the school your child chooses; the financial aid package awarded; scholarships; and inflation rates on tuition between now and then. These factors are typically beyond your control. Continue Reading