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Say Good-Bye to the Toddler Mealtime Witching Hour!

13 Oct

There is nothing more exciting than watching your precious little one have her first taste of real food. This is typically a big milestone for babies and parents alike and a well-documented one at that! Baby books are bursting at the seams with pictures of little ones placing a palm full of puréed goodness into Continue Reading

10 Tips for a Teeth-Friendly Halloween

7 Oct

With Americans purchasing approximately 600 million pounds of candy each year for Halloween, many parents are sent into a tailspin of questions on how to balance this fun-filled tradition with dental-friendly choices for their children. “Dental health doesn’t have to prohibit having fun this Halloween,” said Dr. Kyra Schirk, dentist at CHI St. Joseph Children’s Continue Reading

Do You Know How to Juice?

23 Feb

By Michael Hall, M.D. Is “juicing” a fad or is it here to stay? What is most important to know about juicing are provenance, preparation and combinations. Where is the food item sourced from, who is handling it, how is it processed, and what combinations of food are important medicinally? There are so many juices Continue Reading

6 Food Myths That Are Making Kids Obese

19 Jan

According to the Center for Disease Control, obesity rates in children are twice what they were 30 years ago. Many parents are unsure why their child is seemingly unable to stop gaining weight. Dyan Hes, M.D., medical director of Gramercy Pediatrics, explains some of the common food myths that are making kids fat. “There is Continue Reading

How to Make Soup Kid Friendly

8 May

By Larissa Phillips Rainy days are a great time for one of the most effective, time-worn methods of soul restoration known to mankind: Soup is on! There’s nothing like it when it’s dinner time and you’re ladling out this incredible steamy goodness that you made hours, days or even weeks ago. What’s not to love? Even Continue Reading

Saying No to Mealtime Martyrdom

4 Nov

One lunchtime, as my daughter Ali consumed sloppy forkfuls of left over spaghetti, she begged me to read her a library book. Apparently her friend Ashley’s mom made a habit of reading to her kids during meals. I shook my head. “If I read to you, then when do I eat?” “Ashley’s mom never eats,” Continue Reading

How Proper Nutrition Can Prevent Sick Days

26 Aug

By Danielle Shea Tan   It’s back-to-school time! Don’t you just love the routine, the crisp autumn air and fun sports outings? While parents look forward to the return of school each September, we also cringe at the thought of back-to-school germs. Some years, it seems like no sooner had the kids gone back to Continue Reading

Learning to Self-Feed

14 Aug

By Deb Hurowitz Being a parent is hard. So is being a kid. I’m here to make it easier for you both. Today I would like to start with a topic that affects every parent, across a spectrum of ages, stages and needs: food and eating. This is such a broad topic, it will take several posts Continue Reading

How to Talk About Food

7 Aug

By Deb Hurowitz How do you talk about food in healthy ways if food carries emotional baggage for you? Talk about how food makes us healthy and strong. Talk about how there are “all-the-time” foods  and “sometimes” foods. Barring allergies or other medical issues, there shouldn’t be never foods. Talk about how we can love certain foods, but we Continue Reading

Make Your Picky Eater an Adventurous Eater

16 Jun

By Deb Hurowitz Being a parent is hard. So is being a kid. I’m here to make it easier for you both. Kids are funny. One day, they love a food. The next? They won’t go near it. As parents, this can be maddening! This week, I will address a couple of issues for toddlers Continue Reading