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10 Tips for a Teeth-Friendly Halloween

7 Oct

With Americans purchasing approximately 600 million pounds of candy each year for Halloween, many parents are sent into a tailspin of questions on how to balance this fun-filled tradition with dental-friendly choices for their children. “Dental health doesn’t have to prohibit having fun this Halloween,” said Dr. Kyra Schirk, dentist at CHI St. Joseph Children’s Continue Reading

Something to Smile About!

8 Aug

Talk about an advancement in dentistry – scientists at Harvard University and the University of Nottingham have developed regenerative dental fillings that actually allow teeth to heal themselves. This is big news because it could eradicate the need for root canals (and if you’ve ever undergone that procedure you know this is something to cheer Continue Reading

Tooth Truth

28 Jan

While the bodies of pregnant women are hard at work creating new human life for 40 weeks, typically their highest priority is maintaining their health for the sake of their unborn child. Interestingly, one very common health risk during pregnancy tends to fall by the wayside – gum disease. According to a report by the Continue Reading

How to Save a Permanent Tooth

12 Feb

Saving a Permanent Tooth Your child takes a hit to the mouth with a basketball and knocks out a tooth. A permanent tooth! Before you panic, here are step-by-step instructions from Linda M. Blaschke, a pediatric dentist in Pepperell, on how to save a permanent tooth: 1. Find the tooth. Handle it by the crown Continue Reading

What Are Dental Sealants? They Help Prevent Cavities!

7 Jul

By Dr. Van Orenstein Want to know one of the best ways to NEVER HAVE A CAVITY!! “Hey mom, I have no cavities!” These are the words that kids, parents, and dentists alike are proud to hear blurted out twice a year. I personally get a kick out of seeing a little fist pump with Continue Reading