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Why School Suspensions and Zero-Tolerance Policies Are Bad Ideas

31 Oct

By Laurie Berdahl, M.D. & Brian D. Johnson, Ph.D. Teachers and administrators must deal with a myriad of behavior problems and threatening situations at their schools. Zero-tolerance policies focus on automatic punishment via suspension or expulsion for breaking rules, whether intentionally or unintentionally, no matter the reason or situation. These policies have resulted in huge Continue Reading

Getting Kids to Talk

16 Oct

By Tim Hawkes Talking to teenage children can be a challenge. Getting the heavenly constellations right – busy parent, distracted child and topic of interest is not easy. Small wonder some researchers are suggesting that meaningful conversation between parent and teen is being measured in only a few seconds a day. There are things that Continue Reading

Become a Master Communicator with Your Child by Following Four Simple Rules

9 Sep

By Jude Bijou Were your parents good communicators? Do your words or tone feel threatening to your family members? Are you often unable to get your message across?  Do you struggle to say what you mean? You aren’t alone if you find good communication difficult. We just weren’t taught about how regardless of whether we’re Continue Reading

Why Do Some Kids Learn Kindness and Others Learn Aggression and Violence?

6 Jul

By Laurie Berdahl, M.D. Sixteen-year-old Amy Anita Joyner-Francis was killed in her high school bathroom in a preplanned attack by three teenage girls. One 16-year-old has been charged with criminally negligent homicide. Ironically, Amy was described by many as a compassionate student who worked to reduce violence and fighting. Many youth today suffer from being Continue Reading

Talking to Your Kids About Terrorism

13 Jun

By Kathleen Trainor In Boston, we have certainly not been protected from terrorism, due to our clear memories of the Boston Marathon bombing. Since then, there have been many more random terrorist attacks around the world, and unfortunately, on our soil. Most recently in Orlando where the largest terrorist attack against innocent civilians since September 11, Continue Reading

A Child’s Journey Through Reading

11 May

By Patricia Nichvolodoff   There are so many benefits to reading of children that I’m not sure where to start! I think the first thing I would say, as a parent, that reading a book to your child creates a bond between the parent and the child. It is quality time spent that will last Continue Reading

Watch Full Movie Streaming And Download Scribe (2017) subtitle english

18 Apr

Scribe (2017) HD Director : Thomas Kruithof. Release : January 11, 2017 Country : Belgium, France. Production Company : 2425 PRODUCTION. Language : Français. Runtime : 88 min. Genre : Thriller. Movie ‘Scribe’ was released in January 11, 2017 in genre Thriller. Thomas Kruithof was directed this movie and starring by François Cluzet Do not Continue Reading

Your Child’s Checkup: 10 Tips to Prepare Parents & Kids

4 Mar

By Chrystal de Freitas Well child checkups are a routine part of your child’s life; in fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a yearly visit for all children over the age of one.  Though sometimes dreaded by the child (and therefore the parent), these visits are really opportunities to follow their growth and development Continue Reading

Social Apps Parents/Guardians Should Know About

16 Feb

Social Apps are an increasingly popular way for teens and adolescents to connect and communicate. However, there are some inherent risks with the ability to send anonymous messages and pictures. The latest research from the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University shows that 80 percent of third graders and 93 percent of high Continue Reading

Tips for Parents to Help Kids Cope with College Rejection Letters

29 Dec

College acceptance letters can be an exciting time for high school seniors and a realization of a goal achieved. Although hard work and perseverance pay off for many, there are those seniors who receive college rejection letters. This can be a difficult time for both the student and the parent. Darby Fox, a child and Continue Reading