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The Importance of Saying “Hi”

31 Mar

By Jim Castrataro As I sit in my office on this beautiful winter day with a clear blue sky and a dusting of snow on all the trees I am reminded of just how great of a place New England is to raise a family.  With so much to do and see, the adventures of each Continue Reading

Bonding with my Son through Minecraft

24 Mar

By Mark Cheverton   When we first bought my son the game Minecraft, I helped him load it on the computer, create his user name, Gameknight999, select his character appearance and off he went. At first, he played it on his own, but soon he was calling us into our office so that he could Continue Reading

Medications at Camp

10 Mar

By Jim Castrataro Many parents struggle with the question of what to do about their children’s medications, specifically ADD and ADHD medications, during the summer months. Although I am not a doctor or medical expert, I can give you my perspective as a camp director and some simple steps to take to ensure your child Continue Reading

There Oughta be a Law

26 Dec

By Mary Alice Cookson   It may not be illegal to pat a pregnant woman’s stomach just because it’s cute and sticking out, but it’s clearly annoying. It also falls under some states’ harassment laws – if the woman decides to press charges, that is. Such was the case of a pregnant woman in Pennsylvania Continue Reading