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4 Jan

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How to Pick the Right Babysitter for Your Family

28 Nov

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Sleeping Tips for Daylight Savings Time 2016

1 Nov

By Amy Lage   The fall component of Daylight Savings Time is quickly approaching. Our “fall back” to standard time will take place on Sunday, November 6th. For those among us with no kids or older kids this signifies a bonus one hour of sleep (lucky them)! For the rest of us, the extra hour Continue Reading

The Stress Bump: Challenges of Being Pregnant

30 Aug

By Alice D. Domar, Ph.D. There are many misconceptions about pregnancy. People believe all sorts of myths: the way a woman carries predicts what gender baby she is having and the more citrus foods a woman eats before she conceives, the more likely she is to have a girl. Although there is one study which Continue Reading

Your Child’s Checkup: 10 Tips to Prepare Parents & Kids

4 Mar

By Chrystal de Freitas Well child checkups are a routine part of your child’s life; in fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a yearly visit for all children over the age of one.  Though sometimes dreaded by the child (and therefore the parent), these visits are really opportunities to follow their growth and development Continue Reading

Taking Care of Your Body During Winter Pregnancy

7 Feb

By Michele McRae Striving to take the best care of your body when you are pregnant is important any time of the year, but getting adequate nutrients to boost the pregnancy glow can be particularly challenging during the winter. Just like high-quality fuel keeps our cars running smoothly, a healthy diet with a wide-variety of Continue Reading

Get To Know Non-GMO

11 Jan

  As a mom, I know that food labels are our lifeline. They tell us what ingredients are present (e.g.,  a serving of veggies) or missing (no artificial colors or flavors). They communicate how much calcium (e.g., an excellent source or as % Daily Value) and other key nutrients that a serving provides. And they Continue Reading

5 Important Reasons to Make Music with Your Family This Holiday Season

12 Nov

By Susan Darrow This time of year, music often plays a bigger role in many people’s lives than it does during the rest of the year. School concerts, religious choir performances, seasonal community events, holiday hits playing on the radio – all offer abundant opportunities to take advantage of the physical and emotional benefits of Continue Reading

The Staggering Price of Childcare

3 Nov

If your child is in daycare or you employ a nanny, this news won’t surprise you. A report from the Economic Policy Institute finds childcare for two children is more expensive than rent in approximately 80 percent of the country. Childcare costs have risen by 168 percent in the last 25 years, even though the Continue Reading

Prevent Choking, Airway Obstruction and Strangulation

29 Sep

By Kathy Kiley Food, coins and toys are primary causes of choking-related injury or death in children. Follow these simple tips to keep your children safe. Food – Cut food into manageable pieces. Cut round foods like hot dogs and cheese sticks into non-round pieces. Supervise meals for infants and toddlers. Don’t give children under 5 Continue Reading